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Danielle Steenwyk-Rowaan is the Justice Communications Team Coordinator for the CRC, working for the Centre for Public Dialogue, Office of Social Justice, Canadian Aboriginal Ministries Committee, and the Office of Race Relations. Danielle dreams of a CRC where people of all ethnicities belong, a CRC which is continuously learning how to live into our call to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God. Danielle loves connecting cross-culturally, and her perspective is changed by friends and mentors from many backgrounds. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys biking and local food. Danielle is one of the editors of Do Justice, along with Paola Fuentes Gleghorn. Find her at @DanielleRowaan

Melissa was a Legislative Assistant to Representative Luis Gutierrez where she wrote sign-on letters, internal memoranda, and various materials for the Congressman's work in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Calvin College and a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. 

Mark Stephenson is the director of Disability Concerns (CRC and RCA). 

Jennevie Stephenson is a junior Animal Biology major at Grand Valley State University and lifelong member of the Christian Reformed Church. 

Bev Sterk is a ministry-minded mom, keeping her eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and pursuing spiritual intimacy with Him in the secret place through focusing on His Word, prayer, prophecy, purity/holiness, etc. Yeshua reveals His heart for justice (the call to love our neighbors) to us as we pursue Him and love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. May the Lamb who was slain, receive the reward of His suffering....Worthy is the Lamb (Rev 5:12)!

Iona is the Canada Program Coordinator for World Renew’s Global Volunteer Program. She is passionate about global and local community development and engaging volunteers in using the gifts God has given them to serve the Kingdom. Iona equips individuals, schools, groups, and churches to serve internationally with World Renew. Iona has been working with volunteers and involved in local community development for about 20 years in Brampton and Burlington, Ontario. She is married to Ken and mom to two amazing millennials, Laura and Chad.

​​Cindy Stover serves as a Justice Mobilizer for the Christian Reformed Church in Canada. Having grown up in Northern Ontario, she's a country girl at heart, but also loves her close-knit neighbourhood in downtown Hamilton, where she is a part of Eucharist Church, a worshipping community that seeks to find creative ways to practice hospitality in their city. She holds a Master's Degree of Theology in Urban and International Development from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto, where she was first welcomed into CRC Campus Ministries (which became her safe place during many hard years of studying!) Cindy is interested in seeing people realize God's call to enact justice and mercy in every area of our lives, from how we shop, to how we talk to our neighbours, to how our churches respond to the most vulnerable. She can often be found reading a good book around a campfire, or watching a BBC miniseries with a cup of tea. Her favourite colour is sparkle. 

Gideon Strauss is a Senior Fellow of the Center for Public Justice and Associate Professor in Worldview Studies at the Institute for Christian Studies. You can find him on Twitter at @gideonstrauss.

Anita lives in Terrace B.C.  She was part of the 2021-22 cohorts of Hearts Exchanged.

Alexa Stucke is going into her fourth year at Wilfrid Laurier University majoring in Human Rights and Human Diversity. She is passionate about social justice and being an advocate for change. During her time at Laurier thus far Alexa has been involved in campaigns advocating for consent on campus. Alexa is also a finalist for the Canadian Map the System Research Competition with her topic focused on sex trafficking in Canada. She is excited to be a part of Restorations Second Stage Homes and working alongside like-minded people passionate about supporting survivors of human trafficking. In her free time Alexa enjoys reading books, drinking tea and learning new skills.