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John Schuurman is a former LEAP intern and serves at The Bridge, a charity that provides services for men who have been incarcerated to help them rehabilitate and reintegrate into the community.

Ali Short is the Policy Analyst and Advocacy Fellow for the Office of Social Justice. 

Jenny Siebring deGroot is an assistant principal and teacher-librarian at Langley Christian Elementary School. She and her husband Dennis are members of Willoughby CRC.

Shawn in the founder of Jesus on Colfax.

Richard Silversmith is a CRC emeritus pastor who lives on the Navajo Nation reservation. His Navajo clans are Water-Flows-Together and Towering House People. 

Susie Silversmith was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona. Her first clan, coming from her mother, is Tsinaajinii (Black Streak Wood), and her father’s clan is Honaghaahnii (One who walks around). Her cheis (maternal grandparents) are Totsohnii (Big Water), and her nalis (paternal grandparents) are Todichiinii (Bitter Water). She married Richard Silversmith in November of 1978 and have two sons, Darrick and Jerald. Richard and Susie have 3 beautiful grand daughters: Jenuine, Aleia, and Nayah. Susie graduated from high school in Fort Wingate, New Mexico. She is an elder, leader, and volunteer at the Denver Christian Indian Center, where she has been worshipping since 1970. Susie was also a member of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery task force, which reported to Synod in 2016. She has produced a film called "The cutting of the tsiiyéél" and speaks on school board issues. 

Greg Sinclair is manager of Salaam Project, a multi-agency initiative of the CRCNA to help congregations and individuals engage with their Muslim neighbors in respectful and positive ways. Greg leads seminars and conferences on effective witness and dialogue with Muslims and trains trainers across North America. He spent nine years living among Muslims in West Africa. Greg is married to Nelly and they have four children.  Greg and Nelly have really been blessed by their church community of New Hope in Hamilton, ON. For more information on Salaam Project see

Emily Slotegraaf currently resides in Etobicoke, On.   Over and over again, Emily has found God calling her to work with vulnerable women.  At this time, she is working for two organizations that work with hurting women. For Womens Arise! she writes and delivers workshops to vulnerable women in the Rexdale area on topics of emotional and mental health, and for Fight4Freedom she counsels women coming out of the sex industry.  In her spare time, she cycles, hikes, plays hockey, hangs out with friends, and spends time with her numerous nieces and nephews.

Henk retired in 2012 from a career that began in CRC World Missions, and continued serving as prison chaplain in BC for the last 21 years. Henk is an advocate of restorative justice, having also studied in that field at Simon Fraser University. He enjoys networking with former colleagues at Tim Horton’s, as well as reading and writing essays to raise awareness about justice issues related to the criminal justice field. He also enjoys bike riding, working in the garden, and playing with his grandchildren. He lives in Surrey, BC with his wife Grace.

Rev. Reggie Smith is the director of Office of Diversity. Before his current position, Rev. Reggie led Roosevelt Park Community CRC on the southwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan for twenty years. He has been president of the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) board for 18 years. Through collaboration between the church and RPNA, the neighborhood has built and owned its library and arts academy and decreased gang violence. The church started Roosevelt Park Ministries, a nonprofit ministry that sought to equip children with mentors, translation service, and ESL services, for almost two decades. Dr. Smith has taught urban ministry and urban development courses at Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. [Image from A. Cantrell Photo]