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Susie Silversmith

Susie Silversmith was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona. Her first clan, coming from her mother, is Tsinaajinii (Black Streak Wood), and her father’s clan is Honaghaahnii (One who walks around). Her cheis (maternal grandparents) are Totsohnii (Big Water), and her nalis (paternal grandparents) are Todichiinii (Bitter Water). She married Richard Silversmith in November of 1978 and have two sons, Darrick and Jerald. Richard and Susie have 3 beautiful grand daughters: Jenuine, Aleia, and Nayah. Susie graduated from high school in Fort Wingate, New Mexico. She is an elder, leader, and volunteer at the Denver Christian Indian Center, where she has been worshipping since 1970. Susie was also a member of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery task force, which reported to Synod in 2016. She has produced a film called "The cutting of the tsiiyéél" and speaks on school board issues.