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Diversity policy

Do Justice is a conversation space for justice in the Christian Reformed Church. Conversations and the insights gained from them are richer when the conversation partners are diverse with regard to age, ability, gender, location, etc. We desire to live ever more deeply into the reality of the diverse and reconciled family that we are in Christ. That's why we strive for the following goals on Do Justice

  • On issues that especially concern people of colour (eg. mass incarceration, Doctrine of Discovery, immigration), we will make every effort to find writers who are people of colour. This does not mean that white people can't also write about these subjects, because seeking justice requires allies across ethnic boundaries, but we will prioritize elevating the voices of those most affected by the issue in question.
  • We will make every effort to avoid tokenism. In other words, people of colour and other marginalized groups will be invited to write not just about issues that particularly concern them, but will be invited to share their perspectives on many different issues.
  • We will strive for at least 25% representation of people of colour among our authors. We will also seek to amplify the voices of a collective of writers who are diverse with regard to age, ability, gender, location, et cetera. We will also strive for at least 50% representation of women among our authors. 
  • The images we choose to accompany the articles will reflect diverse ethnicities, abilities, ages, and genders. We will choose images that show people's dignity (their gifts, capacity, relationships, etc.) rather than highlighting their needs.
  • We will always seek to promote and model listening to diverse voices, recognizing and questioning privilege, and seeking justice in solidarity with, not on behalf of, marginalized people.
  • We will strive for a ⅓ - ⅔ balance in readership between Canadian and U.S. readers respectively, in order to roughly mirror the number of Christian Reformed congregations in each country. 

Lifting up voices that are not always heard is a key value and goal of our ministries and especially of this blog. We are committed to transparency with you, our audience, about how well we are meeting our goals with respect to the diversity of our writers.