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As the executive director of Eco-Justice Ministries since 2000, Rev. Peter Sawtell has helped churches to apply their faith and ethics to this time of deep ecological crisis. Eco-Justice Ministries has brought this message to hundreds of congregations and thousands of church leaders in the Rocky Mountain region, nationally and internationally.  Peter has been a speaker and workshop leader at religious conferences across the United States. He is widely known for his weekly email commentary, Eco-Justice Notes, which addresses current issues of environmental justice from a theological perspective. Peter is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ.

Chris serves as the Director of Faith Formation Ministries. Before joining Faith Formation Ministries, he served as a pastor at First Hamilton CRC (ON) and at Plymouth Heights CRC (MI). Along with contributing regularly to The Banner and Reformed Worship, Chris is the author of Cultivating an Evangelistic Character (Wipf & Stock, 2018), which explores worship and discipleship in the missional church movement. 

Rose Schulenberg is a mother of 4 and stepmother of 3. She works at Shalom Manor in the Environmental Services department and is the Coordinator of Social Justice at Mountinview CRC in Grimsby, Ontario. She became aware of the issue of abortion by watching the movie "180" and since then she has been actively involved in raising awareness, as she continues to learn more. 

David Schuurman is entering his third year at Redeemer University College studying Honours International Development. Since starting university he has taken up a position as Redeemer University’s delegate on World Renew’s Board of Delegates. David has many passions and interests, including community development, serving in effective ways, and trying to live a justice-oriented life in terms of food, travel, and consumption. When not doing school work or other employment he can be found with friends, biking around Hamilton, and causing a ruckus in his dorm. Find him on Twitter at @dschuurmanator.

John Schuurman is a former LEAP intern and serves at The Bridge, a charity that provides services for men who have been incarcerated to help them rehabilitate and reintegrate into the community.

Ali Short is the Policy Analyst and Advocacy Fellow for the Office of Social Justice. 

Jenny Siebring deGroot is an assistant principal and teacher-librarian at Langley Christian Elementary School. She and her husband Dennis are members of Willoughby CRC.

Susie Silversmith was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation in Klagetoh, Arizona. Her first clan, coming from her mother, is Tsinaajinii (Black Streak Wood), and her father’s clan is Honaghaahnii (One who walks around). Her cheis (maternal grandparents) are Totsohnii (Big Water), and her nalis (paternal grandparents) are Todichiinii (Bitter Water). She married Richard Silversmith in November of 1978 and have two sons, Darrick and Jerald. Richard and Susie have 3 beautiful grand daughters: Jenuine, Aleia, and Nayah. Susie graduated from high school in Fort Wingate, New Mexico. She is an elder, leader, and volunteer at the Denver Christian Indian Center, where she has been worshipping since 1970. Susie was also a member of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery task force, which reported to Synod in 2016. She has produced a film called "The cutting of the tsiiyéél" and speaks on school board issues. 

Richard Silversmith is a CRC commissioned pastor of the Denver Christian Indian Center, Denver, Colorado. His Navajo clans are Water-Flows-Together and Towering House People.

Greg Sinclair is manager of Salaam Project, a multi-agency initiative of the CRCNA to help congregations and individuals engage with their Muslim neighbors in respectful and positive ways. Greg leads seminars and conferences on effective witness and dialogue with Muslims and trains trainers across North America. He spent nine years living among Muslims in West Africa. Greg is married to Nelly and they have four children.  Greg and Nelly have really been blessed by their church community of New Hope in Hamilton, ON. For more information on Salaam Project see