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Life is a gift from God. Caring for new human life, whether in the womb or outside of it, means caring for mothers (and families!).

Those first tender 1000 days, from conception to age 2, set an important foundation for flourishing. If mothers and families receive care and support during those first 1,000 days, their precious babies can begin life on the right foot.

If they have to struggle with systemic barriers in addition to the intensity of pregnancy, as mothers in so many marginalized communities do, their babies face more barriers to flourishing. This is not God’s intent for life!

We know that the principalities and powers set themselves against God’s promise of “life, life to the full”. This January as we celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, let’s look those systemic evils in the face, and open doors for the Holy Spirit to move us towards prayer and active love. 




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[Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash]