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Live Justly for Lent

Live Justly for Lent

Lent is a time when we prepare our hearts to meet our risen Lord at Easter. As followers of Christ, we’re called to live lives rooted in justice, and Lent provides a special opportunity to do just that--intentionally live out the Gospel and seek justice in our daily lives. So how can we live justly during this season of Lent?

We’ll tackle this question on Do Justice throughout these next few weeks by featuring blog posts from a variety of writers--teachers, pastors, justice advocates, and more. From justice activities for the classroom to activities for you and your kids to activities to complete individually, use these ideas to give you the courage to act justly, love sacrificially, and rejoice in the triumph of God’s justice in Jesus at Easter.



Series posts: 

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Live Justly for Lent: Welcoming Returning Citizens (Chloe Breyer) 

Live Justly for Lent: for Families (Carissa Johnson)

Live Justly for Lent: for Middle School Students (Jeff Minkus)

Live Justly for Lent: Racial Reconciliation (Angela Taylor Perry)

Live Justly for Lent: for Busy Parents (Shannon Jammal-Hollemans)

Live Justly for Lent: Eating Justly (Corenna Roozeboom)