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The Land We Stand On

Land is sacred. 

As Reformed Christians who know that all of life is sacred, this shouldn’t be news to us. And yet, we’ve too often fallen for the lies of our culture. We are taught, implicitly, every day, that land is a resource to be consumed, an asset to be optimized. But we are more than consumers—we are stewards.

And we are taught, implicitly, every day, that we have a right to this land. That Indigenous peoples “lost” it somehow, that they mysteriously disappeared, that they sold it. The lie of the Doctrine of Discovery, recently repudiated as a heresy by Synod 2016, runs counter to the truths of scripture. We are not landlords—we are guests.

This is our Father’s world. So let’s return to the land together, to the treaties. We are made from the dirt of a garden, after all!

Who first stewarded the portion of Creator’s world that you call home? And why does it matter? Let's dig in. 

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