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This Land We Live On

It's been five years since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released their 94 calls to action.  As we reflect on this anniversary and what it means to honour treaties we give you several perspectives on the meaning and impact of these covenants.  

Upholding Treaties During a Pandemic

"It is time for Canadians to know that First Nations people have held up their end of the treaties," says author Shannon Perez.  

Bringing Forth Fruit Worthy of Repentance

The Community Christian Reformed Church of Meadowvale is located on the Treaty Lands and Traditional Territories of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Treaties are Here Now

"For most Canadians, the term “treaty” conjures up ideas and images that seem to be part of a long-forgotten high school History or Social Studies class," starts Jonathan Boone's blog.  

Treaty Money 

How do treaty payments work?  Shannon Perez explains her experience.  



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