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Advocacy Works Series

“Transformational advocacy is a challenge to ourselves and our leaders to change attitudes, behavior, and policies that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s will for all creation to flourish.”

-Live Justly

Seeking the well-being of others before seeking our own does not come naturally to us as sinful people, but it is part of God’s calling on our lives. Doing justice is a spiritual discipline along the lines of other spiritual disciplines. Through it, God intends to shape us more closely into his image and to demonstrate his character to the world. Advocacy and doing justice help us grow in our faith to become more like Christ. Advocacy is also one of the ways Christians can have a profound impact on their communities and the world by working toward a just world in which structures and institutions give every person the opportunity to thrive.

Through this series we will feature stories of transformation both at the systemic and personal level. It will include stories about successfully changing policies that prevent people from flourishing. It will include stories about church members learning that our well-being is inextricably linked to the well-being of others as we advocate for policies that protect the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our communities. We will hear from people who have been intentionally practicing this spiritual discipline for many years and from those who have just recently discovered this discipline.



Series Posts:

Advocacy Works: Breaking the Chains

Advocacy Works: Training Agents of Change in Communities

Advocacy Works: Advocacy as a Spiritual Practice 

Advocacy Works: A Poem about Advocacy

Advocacy Works: Empowering to be a Voice for Change

Advocacy Works: Redeeming Neighborhood Violence--One Block at a Time

Advocacy Works: Mobilizing Community as Advocacy