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Justice and Worship

Justice Prayers is a weekly post with 3-5 prayers addressing justice issues from around the world, sent straight to Do Justice subscribers' inboxes every Wednesday. 

Reflect, lament, pray, and incorporate God's ongoing narrative of justice for the vulnerable into your devotional life and congregational worship services.Forward them to your pastor for Sunday's congregational prayer, add them to your church bulletin, print them for use in small groups, or supplement your personal devotions.

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Justice Prayers - November 17, 2021

He has planted me and made me his own.  Fed by the gentle waters of his spirit, I beg him by faith to prune me as he will, to let me grow tall and broad, lit by the sun to bear his everlasting fruit unto the unending day of the new creation.  - Andrew Peterson 

Justice Prayers - November 10, 2021

 "Unexpected wonders happen, not on schedule, or when you expect or want them to happen, but if you keep hanging around, they do happen. -Wendell Berry

Miners work in inhumane conditions for the materials for electric cars

Mining for the elements needed for electric cars is problematic for how human rights abuses continue in these mining operations.  In Democratic Republic of Congo for example, stories about harsh working conditions for informal cobalt mines are common.  Where one injustice is addressed, another crops up, so we pray:

Justice Prayers - November 3, 2021

Love is what carries you, for it is always there, even in the dark, or most in the dark, but shining out at times like gold stitches in a piece of embroidery. - Hannah Coulter

Justice Prayers - October 27, 2021

Blessed are you who hunger and thirst for justice
You who weep at the tears that flood the nightly newscast
you whose tears prompt you to action
You who are willing to practice joy in the fierce furnaces of this world 
you whose joy cultivates the courage 
to create a world where all may laugh,
where all may give and receive the joys of created life

Justice Prayers - October 20th 2021

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

Justice Prayers - Oct 13, 2021

God, revealed in brokenness, when I am disconnected, I need you more.  When life is too fragmented, hold me together; when I have no words, understand my silent cries; when heart and soul are broken, hold the pieces till they ft together again; when my mind is all over the place, be with me always and everywhere.  - Tom Gordon

Raised Limits for Refugees Coming to the US in 2022

In 2021, the US admitted  lowest number of refugees since 1980.   

Justice Prayers - October 6, 2021

"God sees the broken as the best and he sees the best in the broken and he calls the wounded to be world changers." - Ann Voscamp 

Justice Prayers - September 29, 2021

Keep my anger from becoming meanness.
Keep my sorrow from collapsing into self-pity.
Keep my heart soft enough to keep breaking.
Keep my anger turned towards justice, not cruelty.
Remind me that all of this, every bit of it, is for love.
Keep me fiercely kind.
Amen. — Laura Jean Truman

Justice Prayers - September 22nd 2021

Illuminate the shadows, and comfort those cast down. Illuminate the shadows, be our refuge in the time of storm.  O God our help in time of trouble. - The Porters Gate 

Justice Prayers - September 15, 2021

The church meets to imagine what our lives can be like if the gospel were true.  - Walter Brueggemann


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