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Top Do Justice Articles of 2020

Enjoy this look back at the top Do Justice articles written in 2020 (ranked by top pageviews).  It was a big year for us to be reading and praying about justice and you’ll see themes of this year in all of our top articles.  It is our hope and prayer that these articles blessed you and moved you to new action.

1. Dear Church - Cathy Rice

“As I write this letter, I find myself in a place of lament. I lament the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many black lives taken by the grasp of white supremacy. I lament the numerous blacks lives that are being taken by this pandemic.”

2. The Original Pandemic - Reggie Smith 

“This racial pandemic has been ignored because white Americans continuously believe that this historical virus does not exist. Black people were told they needed to build themselves up with the antibodies of hard work, belief in the right values, and internalize that America has always been a color-blind society. Unfortunately, white Americans fail to realize they were the original carriers of this pathogen. They refused to recognize their condition and kept infecting black people since 1619.”

3. Hear Us Out - Protect the Vulnerable - The Office of Social Justice

“The various ministries of the Christian Reformed Church in North America strive to care for our vulnerable neighbors well.  During this time of COVID-19 there are many ways in which we, as people of faith, can continue the work of loving our neighbors.  In fact, many of you are likely taking steps to physically distance yourself as a current expression of love!”  

4. This is Going to Hurt - Kate Kooyman

“If, in 50 years’ time, the white American church is finally able to say it emerged from its complicity and worked toward repairing the harm it has caused, it will be because you and I persisted past our own defensiveness and cluelessness, past our own confusion and vulnerability. We will admit that we have made this about me, me, me; we will hold each other accountable to growing up.”

5. Learning from the Front Lines - Interview with a Chaplain - Tim De Jonge

“The Canadian government has given citizens two weeks to provide feedback on proposed legislative changes to Medical Assistance in Dying. We spoke with chaplain Tim De Jonge about his experience on the front lines of this issue. He helps break down what’s happening and how we should respond.” 

6. Special Prayer: The Threat of War with Iran - The Office of Social Justice 

“On January 2, the United States killed a well-known military commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Major General Qasem Soleimani, who was designated by the U.S. as a terrorist. This event significantly increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran. In line with the decisions of Synod on Just War and the Christian calling to peacemaking, we urged churches across North America to join the world in praying for peace on Sunday.”

7. A Season for Everything - Mark Stephenson 

“We know that there is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  And this season has been one of change and transition for the Office of Social Justice.  In our community it has created some rumours, questions, and concerns about our staffing and direction.”

8. Treatyless on Wet’suwet’en Yintah - Ken Vander Horst

“For our valley, unresolved land title has created a crisis.  What was promised to the Wet'suwet'en - by Royal Proclamation before Canada was born - has not been delivered.  King George III promised original inhabitants of the British North American territories that they were free to enter land treaty with the Crown and, until they did, would not be "disturbed or molested by possession" of their lands.”

9. An Election in a Country Not My Own: A Prayer - Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning

“An election in a country not my own, and yet this moment feels fraught even for me.  So much depends on the votes counted, for those citizens casting votes and for those watching and listening elsewhere.”

10. White Privilege and Andragogy - Ben Lepper

“Que the entry of andragogy. Andragogy is an approach to adult learning that has powerful effects upon people and how they learn.  It approaches learning from the life experience of the learner so that they have something to anchor new information onto.  The application of andragogy to education about white privilege actively considers that many people bring with them experiences of when this concept was used to manipulate or belittle them.”


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