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Priya Andrade is a member of the Christian Reformed Church's Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee (CIMC), a committee of CRC members from across Canada who provide lay leadership to the CRC on Indigenous justice and reconciliation. Priya is a Goan-Canadian mother, emerging artist, and Do Justice columnist. She serves as elder at All Nations CRC in Halifax and strongly believes that our personal welfare is intrinsically intertwined with others, a message she seeks to spread this message through art. Priya intersects her experience on CIMC with her art practice and work with children and youth in Nova Scotia. You can follow her practices on Instagram at @rednsmountain.

Colin Conrad is an Interdisciplinary PhD Student in Business and Computer Science at Dalhousie University and a member of the CRC's Committee for Contact with the Government, the supporting committee of the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue. He is currently researching how to use data analytics and neuroscience to improve e-learning and make it more accessible. In the past, he did graduate work in Philosophy and did research in the relationship between evidence and ethical reasons. Today he is interested in how data-driven evidence can better inform public policy, achieve justice, and help build a fairer and free society. Colin lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he is a member of All Nations Christian Reformed Church. In addition to his work at the university and policy, he is actively involved in entrepreneurship and spending time outdoors.

Jeremiah Damir Bašurić is a Pastor at mosaicHouse Church, a multi-cultural Reformed church plant in Edmonton. He also educates the general public on the issues of poverty and homelessness as a Community Engagement Coordinator at an organization called The Mustard Seed. Jeremiah has also studied Environmental Studies at the King’s University and desires to see God’s kingdom invade all creation. From his Croatian father he has developed a love for soccer. From his Filipino mother he has developed a love for singing. When he is not eating Filipino food or playing music, you can find him hiking in the mountains with his Canadian-Dutch-Frisian wife Sarah, who is a registered nurse. 

Richard Killmer works with the Climate Witness Project for the Office of Social Justice of the CRCNA. He is a retired Presbyterian minister and has worked for various national denominations and ecumenical organizations, including founding or co-founding Shoulder to Shoulder, the Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light, and the Muslim-Christian Initiative on the Nuclear Weapons Danger. He received the Climate Protection award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency during the Bush Administration for his work while at the National Council of Churches. Mr. Killmer and his late wife, Dr. Margaret Killmer, were married for almost 49 years and are parents of four daughters: Karin, Candace, Megan and Holly.

Jennifer Lucking serves as a Mission Co-Worker with RCA Global Mission in partnership with Restorations Second Stage Homes, a charity in southern Ontario working to provide safe, stable and supportive housing for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. She lives in the Hamilton, Ontario area with her spouse (Mark) and daughter (Amy). In her spare time, she loves reading good books, drinking strong coffee, and singing musicals with her daughter while driving or having a kitchen dance party. 

Laurel Luke is a recent graduate of Calvin College, where she studied Communication and Theology. At Calvin, she was the student assistant for the Calvin Prison Initiative, a five-year bachelor's degree program for inmates at a local prison. It is there that her interest and knowledge of criminal justice reform began. Currently, she is the Program Coordinator for a political non-profit called The Coalition of Justice Voters, which works to reform the criminal justice system in Michigan through legislative advocacy, public engagement, and candidate support.

Joseph Mutebi was born in Kampala, Uganda. In his role as program consultant for World Renew Uganda, Joseph provides consultancy services through trainings, resource mobilization, program development and enabling partners have good relationships through linkages and collaboration. Joseph holds a Master of Arts from Uganda Christian University (UCU) in partnership with Development Associates International (DAI) in Organizational Leadership and Management (MAOL) and has five children: Joshua, Emmanuel, Paul, Joyce, and Emmanuel.

Richard Silversmith is a CRC commissioned pastor of the Denver Christian Indian Center, Denver, Colorado. His Navajo clans are Water-Flows-Together and Towering House People.

Rev. Reggie Smith is the director of the Office of Race Relations and the Office of Social Justice. Before his current position, Rev. Reggie led Roosevelt Park Community CRC on the southwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan for twenty years. He has been president of the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) board for 18 years. Through collaboration between the church and RPNA, the neighborhood has built and owned its library and arts academy and decreased gang violence. The church started Roosevelt Park Ministries, a nonprofit ministry that sought to equip children with mentors, translation service, and ESL services, for almost two decades. Dr. Smith has taught urban ministry and urban development courses at Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. [Image from A. Cantrell Photo]

JJ TenClay spent four years in Italy as a missionary for the Reformed Church in America (RCA) working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. She returned to the United States in July 2018 and is now the Refugee Ministries Coordinator for RCA Global Missions. She is thankful to have seen the image of God reflected so diversely in the faces of those to whom—and with whom—she served abroad, and is excited to continue serving the RCA as it continues to develop a faithful response to the ongoing global refugee crisis.