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Top 10 Do Justice Articles of 2022

Enjoy this look back at the top Do Justice articles written in 2022 (ranked by top pageviews).  It was a big year for us to be reading and praying about justice and you’ll see themes of this year in all of our top articles.  It is our hope and prayer that these articles blessed you and moved you to new action.

1. Special Prayer: War in the Ukraine - Resonate Global Mission

Russia invaded Ukraine, launching attacks early on the morning of February 24, 2022. This blog featured prayer requests and a prayer written by a Resonate missionary in Ukraine, Rev. George de Vuyst. 

2. It’s Complicated - Office of Social Justice 

This year media coverage and concern from Christians about abortion laws prompted many questions.  This blog addressed approaches, resources, and synodical mandates.  

3. To Deconstruct or Not - Krystle Sanders

““Deconstruction” is one of the biggest buzzwords in Christendom right now, especially within my generation. The debate continues to swirl as some outside my generation argue that deconstruction leads you away from the faith.”  Krystle explores why in her opinion, deconstruction should be a part of everyone’s faith. 

4. When People Say ‘We’ve Made it Through Worse Before’: A Lenten Prayer - Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning

Starting from poetry Jonathan explores hope.  He shares his desire for real hope. “Not a shallow optimism that things will get better, but a deep hope that is willing to tell the hard truth about our world and yet insist that the God who was at work in Jesus’ resurrection is still at work today.”

5. Forgiveness - Shannon Perez

Shannon contributed to the series “The Revelation 7 Church: Stories of Cultural Awareness.”  Shannon shared a story of a time where she walked out of church in the middle of a service. She goes on to share, “by the grace above, I didn’t leave it there. A Truth and Reconciliation group that I was a part of through the same church suggested I share my experience with the elders.”

6. When the shepherds are back with their flocks - JJ TenClay 

JJ shares Dr. Howard Thurman’s writing with readers, specifically his poem “The Work of Christmas.”  She reflects on how the gift of Christmas moves her to action.  “No, this gift deserves a much more profound place in our lives, and our gratitude for this gift must become part of our everyday thoughts, words and deeds.”

7. 3 Conversation-Starters about Immigration Sparked by “Encanto” - Office of Social Justice

The new Disney movie “Encanto” follows the story of a Colombian family who was forced to migrate after their village was burned. The story is an opportunity to discuss immigration in a new way.  This blog offers simple questions to ask after watching “Encanto.” Start a conversation with one of them or take time to ponder your own answers! 

8. Reflection for National Truth and Reconciliation Day 2022 - Centre for Public Dialogue 

September 30th 2022 was the second time Canada marked a National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.  This reflection was designed to take approximately half an hourwith space to listen and reflect.  Listeners were guided through the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission about education with prayer and reflection prompts. 

9. Just Because You Can… - Reggie Smith 

Reggie was struck by a scene in a movie about Jackie Robinson and reflects on what we can learn from him as we face a divided world.  “Maybe the way of changing hearts and minds in this toxic world of contempt and disgust is by practicing holy restraint and modeling gospel dignity that restore humanity rather than destroying it.” 

10. Jeremiah’s Faithfulness – A Model for Today? - Rich Killmer 

The biblical story of Jeremiah has resonance for us in the 21st century. Rich says, “Today, protecting land is important for at least three reasons: the global extinction crisis, climate change and inequitable access to the outdoors. Since all three disrupt God’s creation and God’s people, land protection offers a remedy.”

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