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3 Conversation-Starters about Immigration Sparked by “Encanto”

Attention: some *minor* spoilers ahead!

The new Disney movie “Encanto” follows the story of a Colombian family who was forced to migrate after their village was burned. And if you’ve seen it, you’ve probably had the song “We Don't Talk about Bruno” stuck in your head at some point. In the movie, the Madrigal family doesn’t like to talk about their brother/uncle Bruno because (it seems like) he makes scary things happen…

In some churches, talking about immigration can feel similarly scary! But it doesn’t have to be. Here are simple questions to ask after watching “Encanto.” Start a conversation with one of them or take time to ponder your own answers! Then pick out one idea from the Next Steps section to further love our immigrant neighbors.

  1. Are there families in your neighborhood who have had to leave their home country? How might that necessary exit from home impact their story, even today?

  2. If your family had to flee your home state or country for safety reasons, what would that be like? 

  3. How can we respond with sensitivity and integrity to the stories of displaced families like the one in the movie?

Next Steps
  • Listen to the immigration stories of real families! Check out our collection of “Immigration is our Story” audio stories.

  • Put what you’ve learned into action. Advocate for families experiencing displacement and ask Congress to pass an Afghan Adjustment Act.

  • Invite us to bring our Church Between Borders workshop to your church! You’ll learn how to talk about immigration from a Biblical perspective, how the U.S. immigration system really works, and how you can advocate to welcome the stranger.

Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash

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