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Listen First

“I’ll tell you why I wrote this article: because there’s a freshman in your English 101 class and there’s a guy on your sports team and there’s a 14-year-old kid in your church’s pew who is hiding a pretty big secret too.” Striving to cultivate a more open, inclusive community, Calvin College featured articles written by LGBT students in their student newspaper. We all have opinions on this issue and many are outspoken, on both sides. These articles invite us to simply listen and put away our assumptions and political opinions and remember that these people are individuals, with their own stories that must be heard in our conversations on this topic. These voices will challenge our judgement as they share their journey from deep within their hearts. As we listen, let us remember, “What makes these places feel safe is not agreement on political or religious views, but a mutual willingness to communicate honestly and respectfully,” as one student shares.


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