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Justice Prayers - March 31st 2021

This Holy Week, it is good to remember that before Jesus was betrayed and crucified, he prayed to his Father, “ I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.”  (John 17:26)   We cling hard to this promise of Christ continuing to make known God and God’s love today as we hold up the world’s hurt and injustice that at times seems so strong.  And yet we know we are resurrection people.

Trial of Derek Chauvin for George Floyd’s Death Begins

The trial of Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd began this week in Minneapolis.  The protests  in support of Black Lives set off from Floyd’s May 25 public killing were the largest in American history and reverberated around the globe.  We pray for this trial, for all those involved and for wrongs to be made right.  

Incarnate God, you were publicly killed at the hands of the state, and we need your resurrected and redemptive presence to be in that courtroom.  We know you are embodied mercy and justice and we know you have said you would make God’s love known.  We pray for truth to be seen and we pray for justice to come from this trial. We pray for redeeming accountability.   Be present to the family who is mourning. Be present to the jury who is called to deliberate. Be present to the defendant, extending your grace and redemption.  Be present to the judge, the lawyers, the media, the public who consume the coverage.  Soften all of us who watch and heal us in your image.  Because we know that this trial is about a defendant and a victim, but it also is about systems of violence and racism, we need your eyes and your power to move us all towards transformative living.   We need your presence.   Resurrect your justice and your redemptive ways in your people, in this time, in this situation  so that we all may live as you created us to.   

New Extended Family Refugee Policy for Yazidis Coming to Canada

"Canada's immigration minister has approved a new policy allowing Yazidi refugee families in this country to sponsor extended family members still languishing in camps in Syria.  The federal government's initial program aimed to resettle Yazidi women and girls who were directly affected by ISIS violence, as well as their spouses, children and dependents. However, because of the volatile environment, many refugees arrived in Canada with few family members joining them. This new policy extends the time frame for sponsorship and widens the eligibility criteria."

Good Father, 

We give praise that the parameters for Yazidi refugee families coming to Canada have been expanded.  We praise you that these most vulnerable can come and heal. We praise you for the real refuge your spirit gives.  May these families be reunited and supported well by your people in this country. May their lives become a testament to how you love in embodied ways.  May they be met with kindness, generosity and people transformed by your character.   We pray a blessing of healing and hope on these families in our midst.  

Violence in Palma, Mozambique

The Northeast town of Mozambique has seen a sharp rise in violent conflict, with mass beheadings, kidnappings and up to 700,000 people displaced.   Militant rebels have taken control of Palma, sending residents fleeing.  20 billion dollar foreign investment in oil extraction is based from Palma complicating all of the conflict.

Lord, we ask for your mercy.  Transform hearts so that fear does not reign in this area of your creation.  Peace and mercy are yours in abundance – bring peace to this region.  

Jesus, we ask for your  mighty arm to quell the violence and bring resolution.  Protect the vulnerable, change hearts, provide for needs of safety, shelter, food and meaning.  Lord have mercy. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Movie Screening: Something in the Water

It's not too late to join a discussion group!  Watch “Something in the Water” anytime from the comfort of your home and tune into a group to talk about your reaction and what we can all do next! 

Honour and Uphold Indigenous Rights - Support Bill C-15!

On February 17, 2021, C-15 went to second reading; and is currently being considered by the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Committee of the House of Commons. Bill C-15 provides a significant framework for a reset in the working relationships between Indigenous nations and communities and the Canadian state. Such a reset is essential for the path of decolonization and reconciliation. Please join us in encouraging passage of this important legislation before the next election!

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