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Justice Prayers - Prayers Against Violence in Word, Deed, and Indifference

Jesus Christ rules over all.
To follow this Lord is
to serve him wherever we are
without fitting in,
light in darkness,
salt in a spoiling world.

- Our World Belongs to God Article 43

Nigerian Church Massacre

A church in Owo, Nigeria was attacked by gunmen on Sunday who killed over 50 people at the end of Pentecost services.   No group has claimed responsibility but the horrendous violence towards people at worship has terrified a region.  We pray for safety, justice and healing for every person affected:

Lord of the Church, 

Your children were celebrating the coming of the Spirit like so many of us were.  We pray that the families and people most affected by this violence would experience grace, mercy and your generosity as they heal. We pray that this violence would be thwarted in the future, in the name of Jesus.  

Anniversary of London Attack on Muslim Family

One year ago, a Muslim family out for an evening walk was targeted by in a white supremacist attack, leaving only a 9 year old survivor. As the city marks this anniversary, we continue to pray against violence, in speech or act, towards our muslim friends and neighbors across Canada.

Lord, this family could be any of our families on a sunny evening, but they were murdered because of their faith.  Lord, we call upon your name, we say that your nature, character is love.  Lord, heal our hearts where suspicion and love remain.  Help us who trust in your law of love stop violence in its tracks with clear speech about the effects of white body and cultural supremacy.  Lord, help us to love our world, and its inhabitants with as much commitment and fearless ness as you do.  

At least 34 mass shootings since Uvalde

Since the horror of Uvalde, there have been 34 mass shootings across the U.S. according to the Gun Violence Archive, a research and data collection organization that is not affiliated with any advocacy group.  Mass shootings are defined as at least 4 people being shot, not including the shooter. 

34 mass shootings in 14 days.  

We pray:

Lord, this violence is gutting us all, tearing holes in the fabric of your creation.  It is so common, we are numb to it.  Lord, transform us into your likeness, that we might choose to live with ourselves and neighbors without a fear about what happens if we don’t have weapons of war at our disposal, but in the conviction that we can make good policy decisions that will save lives from being violently and cruelly cut short.  

Lord, we ask you How long?  But do you ask your people the same question?

Migrant Worker Injustice Still Present After Covid

While COVID outbreaks on farms that house migrant workers in Canada are better managed, the issues the pandemic revealed in the system are still present.

Father we pray for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada as we enter this summer season. May the systems and policies that regulate temporary migrant labor continue to be shaped to enhance the dignity and ensure good outcomes for the people helping to bring us our food.  We pray that health and economic risks are addressed as COVID continues to spread endemically and that all workers receive the benefits of working to harvest your creation.

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

An Equitable and Expedient Welcome for People Seeking Refuge

Please join us in encouraging Canada to continue strengthening its commitment to welcoming people seeking refuge. Support Refugee advocates and agencies in their shared call for equity and justice in access to refugee resettlement, and for direct Government steps to decrease wait times in the Private Sponsorship system. 

Sustainable Investing – Your Money Matters

This talk is presented by Kurt Holzhueter, an advisor with ClearView Investments.  In order to successfully invest sustainably, it is important to be well informed. This webinar shares the pathways available to churches, congregations and individuals should they decide to take the next step towards sustainable investing.  Watch it now!

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