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Justice Prayers - July 20, 2022

"Creator Sets Free (Jesus) lifted up his voice and said to them, "I am the light shining on this dark world.  The ones who walk with me will not stumble in the darkness but will have the light that gives them life."  - John 8:12 (FNV)

Papal visit to Canada to apologize for the Roman Catholic Church’s involvement in Residential Schools

As communities and representatives prepare for the Pope’s visit to Maskwacis First Nation in Alberta, Quebec City and Nunavit, we pray for the continued walk of healing for the legacy of Residential Schools in Canada.

Father of Lights, you delight in your children. And when, in a misuse of your name, they are hurt, you grieve. We pray for those who will hear the Pope’s apology this weekend that there is healing and that this event is a help to those whose families live with this legacy.  We pray for the communities who will be receiving the Pope that the spectacle will not distract from the work of enabling flourishing communities to continue to grow.

UN Leader issues dire warning amidst record heat, fires in Europe

In a July 18 Climate meeting with 40 climate representatives from 40 countries, UN Leader Antonio Guterres issued a dire warning that without strong collective action now, the result will be collective suicide.  As Europe faces unprecedented heat, wildfires rage across the globe and loss of life occurs, we continue to pray for policies and imaginations not beholden to the past ways of doing things.

Lord, by your spirit, shut our arguing mouths and help us to act in accordance to your word by refusing cultures of death and indifference to your created systems and our neighbors in the name of profit and consumption.  Equip us and our leaders to build cultures of sustainability and good climate policy. We pray for increased action taken by people and their elected officials.  We need your help.

Sri Lanka in turmoil

After months of social, political and economic unrest, 1000’s of protestors forced the president to resign last week after storming government buildings. The interim government has declared a state of emergency while people are lining up for days for fuel and medicine.  

Lord, we pray for the people of Sri Lanka. That peace would prevail and that good governance would take root in the places of power.  We pray for resolutions to economic crises that give way to political and social turbulence.  Protect the vulnerable and Be with the faithful that they may be examples of peaceful resistance, prayer, and service that will benefit and dignify their fellow Sri Lankans. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Inspire 2022

We will be at Inspire 2022, hosting workshops on creation care, immigration, diversity, justice and advocacy, and more. Join us! 

Seasons of Creation

The Season of Creation is a time during the liturgical calendar in which churches across the globe renew their relationship with God and all of creation and commit to prayer and action for our common home. Starting on September 1 and ending on October 4—the Feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology—the church praises God for Creation’s beauty, focuses on their call as caretakers, and laments the brokenness and the groaning of all creation. 

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