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Justice Prayers - August 31, 2022

So with every breath you give to breathe,
I pray it's your glory that they see.
And of all the words this world could say,
may they say I am full of grace.
- Morgan Harper Nichols: A Prayer For Grace 


Prayer for Pakistan Under Water

Soil, crops, livestock, homes, roads, buildings, schools, businesses have destroyed in unprecedented levels.  The flooding, caused by record rainfall and exacerbated by land and water use in Pakistan has been called epochal and has claimed over 1,000 lives and affected over 30 million people. Pakistani and UN officials note the climate changing and its outsize affects on countries, like Pakistan,  that hardly contribute to the causes of climate change resulting in extreme weather all over the globe.

The devastation is so big. Be with every person trying to salvage and find safety and respite.  Be with the officials who are trying to work with limited resources to address all that’s been lost. Give them good solutions. May goodness and mercy protect the people most affected and most vulnerable. 

And may this be yet another chance to remove the scales from all our eyes about how interconnected we are on this planet.

Drought across the globe reveals things long hidden

In the US, Europe and Asia, massive droughts have been revealing things usually hidden under the water.  From ancient architecture to hidden bodies, what was concealed is being revealed in crisis. 
This is an invitation to pray; to pray about what our world and us as followers of Christ need to have revealed to us. as we all keep experiencing unprecedented heat, drought, rains, storms and glacial melts. 

Lord of all revealing. 
This might just be a revelation for an appointed time, but are we seeing it?  As we continue to hear story after story of unprecedented weather caused by changing temperatures we need your mercy and political will to make changes.  This crisis is revealing more and more but we need your Spirit to guide us to seeing the earth and its people from your perspective.

We trust you and we need you to silence the voices that lead to death and uplift the ones that can chart a path through. 

Give us hope to keep acting in these times Lord. Despite the divisions, the droughts, the loss of crops, livelihoods and loved ones, we still ask for a Holy Spirit breathed hope. 


A Prayer for Beginning a New School Year

As students from grade school to graduate school return to their campuses, we pray for God's shalom to be known in their midst. 

We pray for learning that inspires and motivates, that cultivates wonder and humility. 

We pray for the teachers and administrators, that they would be supported and equipped, and would speak words of life, encouraging student's studies but also their hearts.  

And we pray that justice-seeking would become a primary way of knowing God and God's world, through curriculum and conversations.

We pray that justice seekers would be raised up in every subject matter, equipping new generations for wholistically participating in God's shalom.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Advocate for Afghan Evacuees!

The end of August marks one year since the United States military withdrew from Afghanistan. Over the last 12 months, tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees have fled danger and persecution to be resettled in communities across the U.S. Watch this video commemorating the one-year anniversary and then take our action alert telling Congress: pass the Afghan Adjustment Act and create a path to lawful permanent residence for Afghan evacuees!

Season of Creation

The Season of Creation is a time during the liturgical calendar in which churches across the globe renew their relationship with God and all of creation and commit to prayer and action for our common home. Starting on September 1 and ending on October 4—the Feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology—the church praises God for Creation’s beauty, focuses on their call as caretakers, and laments the brokenness and the groaning of all creation. 

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