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Justice Prayers - January 20, 2021

“History and Scripture teaches us that there can be no reconciliation without repentance. There can be no repentance without confession. And there can be no confession without truth.”
― Jemar Tisby

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Comes Into Effect

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted by the UN in 2017 and finally gained its 50th state signatory in October 2020 which means it will enter into force January 22, 2021.    Neither Canada nor the United States have signed this treaty.  Canada stated it’s agreement in theory with the treaty but cited its involvement in NATO and its allowance for nuclear weapons as reasons to not sign.  The US government actively lobbied against the treaty calling it unrealistic.

God of power and might, who lays these down for others, 

We want to celebrate the legal weight and the power of declaring that using these weapons of death is a catastrophic evil.   We pray for active peacemaking by those with the most power.  We pray in the name of Jesus that nuclear weapons will not be developed or used again against any part of your creation. 

Massive Movement of Hondurans Northwards

Between 7000-8000 Hondurans have crossed the border into Guatemala since January 15 2021.  Violence, lack of employment, back-to-back hurricanes in November and the pandemic have pushed thousands to seek refuge somewhere else.  These massive caravans have been met by Guatemalan forces who are seeking to stop the movement and send people back.  

Lord we pray for these massive groups of people who have left their homes.  The forces that have compelled them to leave are complex and not easily resolved.  We ask for your provision for these safe place seekers.  We ask for your grace and wisdom to pervade policy decisions of neighboring countries.  We pray for a real solution.  And we pray that your people would be your welcome to these Honduran families wherever they go.  

Calls for Real Change in Racist Behaviors in Canadian Public Workplaces

After years of workplace complaints and inquiries into allegations of racist abuse and hostile “degrading experiences,” a group of BIPOC firefighters in Calgary have a released a letter sent to the City and the Fire Chief.    They did not want to be named because of a “visceral fear of repurcussions.”  As children of God, we pray for workplaces across Canada coming to terms with damage done to their members because of overlooked and excused racism.  

Lord, bring a refining fire to these workplaces.  Burn away that which has to change.  Bring repentance and clear vision to those with who shape workplace culture.  We lament the damage done to hearts, minds and bodies in these places that serve whole populations.  We pray for to the roots change and for new life to spring up.  Protect the bodies and livliehoods of those who call in their co-workers to a better way to live.  Make this right through even us, your body, in our workplaces.  

A Prayer for Justice and Righteousness in America

In the US, this particular week marks Martin Luther King Jr Day, a memorial for 400,000 Covid deaths since March, and the contested transition of political power occurring under threat and in clouds of misinformation.  Not to mention all the local justice issues that we face.  This feels like a large week where, Lord, your body unequivocally needs you.

Abba, we humble ourselves and ask for you to reveal truth.  Move us to repentance for ways we have not followed your lead in justice, righteousness, truth-telling, boldness and compassion.  We ask for your mercy.  Send your spirit.  Send your spirit and transform our minds so we can discern truth and grace.  May this week of huge transition be marked by the humility, intercession, and generosity of your people to the communities around them.   Re-form us into your likeness and lead us to live in your justice and shalom. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Support Health for Moms and Babies during COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to rage on, the strains put on the healthcare system severely impact the health needs of pregnant and birthing mothers as well as newborn babies. Ask Congress to prioritize strengthening our healthcare system which is pivotal to the sanctity of human life in this pandemic.  Take action here.

Mythbusting: The U.N. Declaration

On December 3, 2020, the Canadian government fulfilled an election promise and introduced legislation Bill C-15 to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the Declaration).  However, there are many myths about what the Declaration does and doesn't do! We tackle four of them in this video.

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