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Justice Prayers - January 6, 2021

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path." - Psalm 119:105

Asylum Seekers in between Borders

In March 2020, both Canada and the U.S  agreed to a border closure with the assurances from U.S. officials that asylum seekers would not be deported.  This has turned out to not be the case and Canada has begun granting exemptions.  The effects of the pandemic on the already complicated nature of asylum and refugee claims and the public’s understanding of them have real life impacts on individuals and families. So we pray:

Father, keep your care-filled hand on the individuals seeking asylum at our borders.

Cause those whose job it is to detain, process, drive or feed detained asylum seekers to see as You see into this situation.  

We pray for policy solutions, international agreements and public discussions that centre the well-being of those caught in these between-border places.  

One of the last EPA rollbacks curbs the use of scientific studies to help shape heath policies.

One last EPA rollback from the Trump administration seeks to limit the use of scientific studies that would shape health policies.  Critics of this move say that this could limit scientific study and participation going forward by requiring studies to release the raw data of its studies rather than anonymizing findings.

Father in the middle of competing ideas about science, transparency and regulations, we pray that even in this seemingly small detail of how we learn and make decisions from science is shot through with your truth.  We pray that your Spirit would guide these decisions makers into Your truth that promises to restore and not hinder the health of a society.  

Honduran Indigenous Land Defenders 

Over the last decade, hundreds of Honduran Indigenous land defenders have been silenced.  This past week a well known 60 year old Indigenous environmentalist was murdered at home.  The conflicts around land and resources and who controls and decided these issues is a worldwide one but In Honduras is extreme.  We need your intervention. 

Father we pray for justice for the hundreds of people who have been killed, disappeared or imprisoned in Honduras for calling for Indigenous land rights and ceasing of damaging extraction.  We pray for a public reckoning of what has been creating a culture of fear over the land and who gets benefit from it.  We pray your righting of wrongs to take hold in hearts and groups and policies.  Protect the most vulnerable and bring resolution to these issues.   

Vaccines In Africa

Moderna has opted out of providing it’s vaccine to South Africa, the African country most affected by Covid-19.   It has promised a combined 300 million doses for Canada, the U.S. and The E.U. combined.   Of the 12 million doses already distributed worldwide, zero have been in any African country.  Experts are calling for vaccine equity and warning of a moral catastrophe if wealthy nations hoard the vaccine and prevent a fair supply from getting to countries that cannot pay as much.  

Lord we submit our lives to you-even our privilege and rights as those who live in the wealthiest countries of the world.   No one wants this virus to go one but do not let us be ok with life getting better for us with access to the vaccine, as other nations do not receive the same opportunity.   We ask for your spirit to move the profit-making companies to do the right thing and provide fair and equitable access to any vaccines that are made. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Honour and Uphold Indigenous Rights - Support Bill C-15!

Legislative implementation of the U.N. Declaration through Bill C-15 will move Canada from noble words of apology and aspiration to active reconciliation and fully honouring Indigenous rights in law.  Ask the Ministers of Justice and Crown-Indigenous Relations to prioritize reconciling Canadian law to Indigenous rights as outlined in the U.N. Declaration.  Take action here.

Calvin University January Series

Katharine Hayhoe is an evangelical Christian and atmospheric scientist who studies climate change. On January 22, 2021, Professor Hayhoe will be presenting on Christians, Climate & Culture, as part of the Calvin University January Series. Learn more, and sign up for the virtual (and free) seminar series at the January Series

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