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Election Values in Uganda

Justice living is entrenched in values and principles founded in a Biblical worldview. Without these key elements of justice living, corrupt tendencies and exploitation of the poor take over the good intentions turned into selfish gains. Who is responsible to ensure these key elements are adhered to in the laws and systems that govern the countries? Surely no government is Christian or religious per say but the justice prone leaders can be to propel the rule of just laws in place. However, when greed and self interest override the motive of good governance, the system gets eroded by poor leadership that engulfs the population into tyranny and abuse of human rights. This has led to failure of delivery of the expected roles and responsibilities leaders are mandated to deliver.

He was unable to deliver on his promises

A story is told of a candidate for  Member of Parliament who promised to procure pickup vehicles for the different women groups in the constituency. There are more than 20 groups. Just a promise to a few people out of the many groups and different sections in the constituency.

After his successful election as a Member of Parliament he organized huge parties at his house for three days. This was to celebrate his victory over other aspirants. Numerous people flocked into his compound and neighbourhood. By the fourth day his phones were all off. He had engaged armed guards at his gates not allowing any more people into his premises. He had made a mention of sacrificing his initial four months’ salary when he got into Parliament to support the women groups. Instead he relocated to his city residence to Kampala which is 540 Kms away. He was unable to deliver on his promises and he couldn’t live up to the demands and expectations from the electorate. 

The unjust electoral process is so demeaning, insinuating and embarrassing to all involved.

On the other hand, the organizations casting votes  had false ambitions portrayed just for the sake of exploiting and tapping into the resources but not for a genuine cause. Unfortunately, such groups have not survived beyond the 2-3 months of their lifetime. The unjust electoral process is so demeaning, insinuating and embarrassing to all involved. What is the motive for people to take the choice and decision and actions they did?  Unjust systems that have no biblical worldview.  Miserably the consequences are unbearable as the checks and balances are founded on shaky grounds.

World Renew’s role in community mobilization and empowerment addresses such issues that the electorate demonstrate their civic rights and obligations. Focussed to equip communities to identify and tap into their own potential, available resources, build capacity and enhance skills sets restores a sense of hope, purpose and dignity. We are all called to live justice, love mercy and serve Christ. This is a high calling for all heavenly bound citizens.

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