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Fiorella Kuczma

Fiorella has been working in the Ontario Public Service for 12 years. She began her career in Victim Services after graduating from the University of Ottawa with an Honours degree in Criminology. She has held a variety of positions within various ministries and is currently with the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Correctional Services Recruitment and Training Centre. Here she designs, writes and revises training curriculum as well as leads training for correctional professionals.

As a survivor of Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Fiorella has always been passionate about helping to stop commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Fiorella believes in education and awareness as a tool for prevention and shares her story openly with others. Fiorella has led training throughout her career on self-care and resilience, vicarious trauma, grief counselling and mental health. She shares her story of re-living the trauma when she began her career with victim services, overcoming the challenges and isolating feelings of being a survivor while working in this space, reclaiming your voice and most importantly fostering resilience moving forward.