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Becky Jones

I work with two ministries of the CRC - Disability Concerns (2/3) and Safe Church (1/3). Prior to this role, I worked as a volunteer coordinator at a local art gallery in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. As a volunteer coordinator, I loved watching people give of their time in order to make our city a more community oriented space. Prior my work at the art gallery, I worked as an art therapist. In that role, I was able to walk alongside individuals living with autism, intellectual disabilities, dementia, brain injuries and many other physical and mental health challenges that impacted their life. I loved watching individuals connect with art and use it as a new form of communication and connection. I truly appreciated being able to advocate for them. I enjoy connecting with people, but I also appreciate the value of leaning into hard conversations and situations and finding a way through. I am thankful to be able to serve in both Safe Church and Disability Concerns.