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Agnes Mastin

Agnes Mastin is a member of the Christian Reformed Church's Heart’s Exchanged Initiative, a journey designed to equip Reformed Christians to engage with Indigenous people as neighbours and fellow image bearers. Agnes is a student at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta, the founder and director of, and new columnist at Do Justice. Born to the Tse’khene Nation of McLeod Lake, BC. Agnes came to Christ in the early 2000s and immediately began her journey to find where her culture and Christian faith can meet. Agnes believes that the Triune God is bigger than culture and loves to be worshiped and served in all kinds of ways by people wearing different clothes and hair styles, speaking different languages and playing different instruments. God is bigger than culture and created people of different cultures because he loves diversity in all things. Agnes invites you to walk with her as she shares the findings of her journey into contextualized Christianity.