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Posted: September 10, 2015

After noticing that some of the books we grew up reading were less than inclusive and made for attitudes about our neighbors that had to be unlearned, we started do parents and educators find books that both explicitly and impl

Posted: September 8, 2015

Could the long, slow work of voting and political action be thought of as a spiritual discipline?

Posted: September 4, 2015

Injustices are prevalent first in what or who is NOT being included in the content and second in HOW marginalized groups are presented.

Posted: August 31, 2015

Books that are imaginative and creative also help our kids develop a sense of wonder, curiosity, and possibility. These are helpful traits when imagining what a world that is different than the status quo could be like, an important aspect of working for justice.

Posted: August 28, 2015

Depending on where you live, the new school year is either quickly approaching or has already begun!

Posted: August 26, 2015

A Muslim man from Iran, a few students from the CRC campus ministry Geneva House, several First Nations or Metis people, and a couple dozen other members of churches from across Kingston gathered at Westside Fellowship CRC in Kingston.

Posted: August 17, 2015

When explaining the ministry of Humanity for Prisoners in many of my public presentations, I refer to our daily advocacy as “Jesus Work.” 

Posted: August 14, 2015

She had also just come from work. She was dressed in a professional pant-suit. I gave her the instructions for the pregnancy test, and once that was taken care of, she sat down and explained her situation to me.

Posted: August 3, 2015

I recently watched a 20/20 episode entitled “Reversal of Fortune”. 20/20 was reporting on a newly granted mistrial in the case of two Vanderbilt Universi

Posted: July 31, 2015

Why treat prisoners humanely? What’s the point? This is prison we're talking about, not a country club. What can they expect?