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Trauma and True Justice

The level of mischief, grievances and conflicts are increasing in many communities. Trust levels and honest relationships are questionable.  One critical way to combat these rising tensions is how justice is by administering justice to achieve maximum respect for all involved. The modern court systems leave a lot to be desired. 

Later, Elly joined as a fighter in the South Sudan People Liberation Movement.

Take the story of 62-year Elly Dada Solomon for example. He is a refugee from Equatorial State of South Sudan. Elly has diverse experience in leadership from South Sudan. He served in General Court Martial, South Sudan Development Organization and South Sudan Immigration office at the Uganda border at Kaya. Later, Elly joined as a fighter in the South Sudan People Liberation Movement and moved on to oppose the government. 

Due to his position and history, Elly was arrested by the Nuer soldiers and sentenced to imprisonment for one year. After he was released he was under strict observation of his movements that gave him no peace and liberty. When the opportunity availed he escaped into Uganda via Congo (Senama) border to save his life that was being threatened. Today, Elly has been at the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement for eight months.  

Elly’s psychological state was affected. 

While in prison, under the hands of the Nuer Soldiers Elly’s psychological state was affected.  He was subjected to ill treatment that affected his life. He was traumatized by living in sad conditions with anxiety, frustration and became confused over the next steps of his life. Elly acknowledges his escape into Uganda as God’s desire and plan after encountering with the team of World Renew and staff of our partner organization – Here is Life

We are able to provide trauma healing and peace building, which is often an answered prayer. To many that are affected by trauma, healing and reconciliation is a necessary prerequisite. The affected need this more than ever. 

For Elly the process of healing motivated him to share his story of getting involved in the war. Elly’s testimony is an encouragement of God’s faithfulness even when he did not know him as Lord and friend. He narrates that he participated in reckless war activities with no benefit but instead ruined lives, property and families. There are many young people who escaped into Uganda but still engaged into the rebel activities in South Sudan, who now benefit from hearing Elly’s story.  

Elly’s testimony is an encouragement of God’s faithfulness

Elly is a source of reference and encouragement to the young people to avoid such atrocities.  He encourages forgiveness and love for one another regardless of ethnic differences and pains experienced. As Elly offers trauma healing support to the affected refugees in Bidibidi settlement he gets relieved of past hurt as well.  Elly’s story offers a great learning about how true justice means bringing healing from trauma for the present and the future.  


Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

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