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Top 10 Do Justice Articles of 2023

Enjoy this look back at the top Do Justice articles written in 2023 (ranked by top pageviews).  It was a big year for us to be reading and praying about justice and you’ll see themes of this year in all of our top articles.  It is our hope and prayer that these articles blessed you and moved you to new action.

1. Special Prayer: Murder of Gretchen Harrington - Do Justice Editorial Team

We offered a special prayer when it came to light that a CRC pastor was responsible for the murder of Gretchen Harrington.  

2. When Love and Brokenness Collide - Jenna C Hoff

An intimate reflection on homelessness, evictions, and loved ones. 

3. Gratitude and My Faithful Bit - Mike Hogeterp 

The longtime director of the CRC's Centre for Public Dialogue reflects on what he learned through his experiences as he transitioned to new work.

4. Reflection for National Truth and Reconciliation Day 2023 - Do Justice Editorial Team

In this piece you're guided through reflection on Call to Action #80 from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  

5. The Siege of Nagorno Karabakh - Joel Veldkamp

An update on the situation for Armenian Christians facing persecution in a conflict with Azerbaijan.

6. Intersecting Benevolence and Justice: Looking Beyond Needs - Karla Winham 

Churches want to help people.  What is the best way for them to love their community? 

7. Managing Multifaceted Moods: Depression, Anxiety, Disability, and Life in the Church - Mike Walker 

Learnings from the writer's personal experiences with disability and anxiety.  

8. Violence Against Christians: Degradation of the Sacred and the Holy in Jerusalem - Mae Elise Cannon 

An update about persecutions Christians are facing in Jerusalem this year.

9. Reflections on 100 Years of Mission Work in Nigeria - Joyce Suh 

In an anniversary year one missionary shares a personal reflection on the mission field in Nigeria.

10. Mercy & Mishpat: A different approach to preventing human trafficking - Jennifer Lucking 

Jennifer Lucking asks in this piece - What does justice look like for a perpetrator of human trafficking?


Sometimes pieces from previous years find resonance for our readers in the current year.  You may want to check out: 


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