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Special Prayer: Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

In the early hours of the morning on February 6th, a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked south-eastern Türkiye (Turkey) near the Syrian border, killing hundreds of people as they slept, injuring thousands more, and reducing five-storey buildings to piles of rubble. A few hours later, another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit the region causing even more heartbreak and damage. These two earthquakes have been followed by more than one hundred smaller aftershocks. And in freezing, snowy conditions, rescue teams are now working to rescue survivors from the huge piles of rubble. 

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that emergency and medical personnel have the capacity and resources to respond adequately and that they will reach survivors quickly

  • Pray for families left homeless by the earthquake that they may receive shelter and much-needed emergency supplies soon 

  • Pray that there will be no more aftershocks and that families will have heat and winter supplies to keep them warm

  • Please pray for humanitarian organizations working in the region to be a source of comfort and refuge for the people who are struggling with hunger, poverty, and injustice

Special Prayer:

A special prayer from the words of Paul in Romans 5:5, “And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

Almighty God, in these days of uncertainly and despair, we pray that you will be near to your people in Syria and Türkiye. We know that you are the provider of hope – in our lives, in our hearts, and in our communities. We pray today for your Spirit to fall afresh on those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, missing friends, and those who are actively working to rescue those deserted by the earthquakes. 

We pray for families who have lost their homes in this series of earthquakes, that they may find shelter and refuge in their time of need. We remember them in this cold winter season and ask for your provision to keep them warm and safe. 

Lord, be near to those who have found themselves displaced, and for the thousands of existing refugees who had been living near borders when the earthquakes hit. Instill in them a new hope for a safe future when circumstances look bleak. 

Please bring strength to the local humanitarian aid providers as they continue to reach vulnerable families with food and warmth. Father, may they be blessed as they live out your calling to be the hands and feet of Christ. 

We pray for government officials in Syria, Türkiye, and surrounding countries and they seek to support their citizens and rebuild their nations. Provide them wisdom to discern the best course of action to bring hope for the future. 

Merciful God, we thank you for your peace, provision, and hope in times of crisis. 

In Jesus’ powerful name, 


Help World Renew respond to this disaster.  

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Thank you to Medair and Lisanne van der Schors for providing the photo.

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