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Spark Dialogue and Speak Up for Justice

We need your voice! Do you get excited about sharing your passion for social justice with others and inviting them to take action? Do you want to have an active role in sparking constructive conversations about social justice issues? Become part of a network of justice and dialogue seekers by being a Social Media Ambassador!

Social Media Ambassadors represent some of our strongest justice champions -- individuals who commit to using their voice, time, influence, and support to respond to God’s call to let justice flow like a river in both our personal and communal lives. Social Media Ambassadors are volunteers who use their personal social media networks to share relevant stories and articles about social justice issues related to the work of the Christian Reformed Church and practical ways to take action through advocacy. By sharing those posts, they spark constructive dialogues about social justice issues and ways to do justice.

Elevating the voices of people facing injustice and recognizing our call as people of faith to do justice is more important now than ever. We are witnessing the greatest forced displacement of people since WWII. People in minority religious groups around the world continue to face persecution for their faith. Climate change is threatening the lives of the most vulnerable communities worldwide. Help your friends and family stay informed and find ways to take action!

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email from us every other week with prompts to share posts and articles, along with an occasional extra email when we have important or urgent news that we’d like to share with you first. Canadians will receive Canadian resources (from the Centre for Public Dialogue and Office of Social Justice), and Americans will receive American resources (from the Office of Social Justice). These biweekly emails will also include articles and tips to equip you to engage in respectful dialogues about justice issues with people who have diverse perspectives. You'll also receive a monthly Google form to report back on the articles and posts that you've shared and to provide feedback on your experience in the network.

Join the momentum! We’re excited for you to be a part of this network of justice and dialogue seekers! Sign up to be a Social Media Ambassador here!


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