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Socially Conscious Gifts for a Social Distanced Christmas

It’s a difficult task to find meaningful, ethical gifts at the best of times, and now for most of us the pandemic realities of 2020 have added even more challenging hurdles to Christmas shopping. In many places, local stores are closed, gatherings are restricted, and it seems impossible to avoid bigbox conglomerates or controversial online retailers. How can you ensure the gifts you’re giving this year are supporting socially conscious businesses, are justly and fairly made, and are contributing to healthy local economies? 

To help, our staff have compiled a list of our best gift ideas for you, based on the justice and reconciliation areas that our work is focused on in Canada and the USA. Check them out - perhaps you’ll find the perfect gift for a loved one! 

In Canada: 

In the US:

  • Give green
    • Sustainable houseware, clothing and really, a bit of everything at Earth Hero

    • For the person who has everything, how about some Edible Spoons?

In both Canada and the US:

  • Give a year’s membership to a Community Supported Agriculture box that will arrive with locally-sourced, tasty produce all year long. Search this website to find a CSA near you

  • Make your own green gifts like reusable shopping bags, cloth make-up removers, or beeswax food wraps (or buy them from Life Without Plastic, or find them locally on using the filter to search for makers in your own town/city)

  • A Causebox subscription delivers fair trade goods that support women and BIPOC businesses throughout the year

  • For parents or educators, Lisa Van Engen’s And Social Justice for All is a great guide on how to communicate with and engage children in justice initiatives 

  • Finally, some of the very best gifts we know of that transform lives are from World Renew’s Gift Catalog. Each gift supports families around the world as they achieve healthy, sustainable lives. You can even order tags for each gift to personalize, so you can put a goat or water filter or farming tools in everyone’s stocking! 

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

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