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Milestones- My Creator's Sacrifice

Editor's note: This post is the third in a series from the Milestones project. People who have been participated in or been affected by the CRC's work for reconciliation during the past six years, as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has travelled the country, have contributed stories of moments (or "milestones" on the journey of reconciliation) when they were touched by the movement of Spirit and came one step closer to reconciled relationships across the Indigenous/non-Indigenous divide in Canada. Many other stories and the accompanying images can be found here. Let's celebrate the progress that has been made, through the reconciling work of the Holy Spirit!

As I have had the privilege of working in First Nations communities and developing relationships with my Indigenous friends and neighbours, I have been able to learn much about the world through the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. By exploring the world through the Medicine Wheel and focusing on the four directions, the four seasons, the four stages of life, and the four aspects of personal well-being, to name just a few, I have been given great insight about myself, the world, and my Creator. Furthermore, seeing the Medicine Wheel as it reflects each race and nation, Red, Black, Yellow and White, as equally unique and valuable, my understanding of the Creator and His creation has been enriched. This knowledge has also been foundational to my understanding of the much needed reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

As I started exploring what reconciliation is and what it might look like, I had the privilege of experiencing the reForming Relationships Art Tour a number of times in Southern Ontario as well as in Truro, Nova Scotia. As I explored the images of Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin—The Creator’s Sacrifice, I was moved by seeing the story of my Saviour’s death and resurrection through the eyes and art of a culture different than my own. These images have continued to shape the way I think about myself, the world, and the Creator. I have had the privilege of experiencing the salvation story through a worldview different than my own, which better shapes my understanding of my Creator’s sacrifice. This truly has blessed me on my journey of faith as well as my own journey of reconciliation.

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