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Justified in Christ’s Love

Recently, I spoke on the phone to one of my neighbors who was terminally ill. She was excited to hear my voice though from afar due to COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is a necessity as we have to abide by preventative measures.  But support for those in need, in person, is our social safety net - especially in the African culture. Support, care and encouragement from others is a critical piece in life.  At the end of the conversation, I could hear from her feeble voice, “Yes,” to Christ’s lordship. She was introduced to Christ. Exactly a month later, she died with the knowledge that she went to be with the Lord she confessed. What a joy even amidst the grieving of those left behind. 

The majority of households hardly have the capacity to access markets.

This pastoral support is immensely needed especially during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in communities around us as Christians. There is limited ability of the communities to cope with the diverse effects.   And it’s quite overwhelming for the church to address them all in terms of psychosocial support for the affected individuals and households. For instance, the Gender Based Domestic Violence and suicidal cases have been reported on the rise in rural communities in Northern Uganda. The majority of households hardly have the capacity to access markets given the lockdown. Consequently, this lack of such necessities leads to discord and violence. Where is the place for the God of Justice at such times in people’s lives? This demands a recognition of God’s presence and providence even amidst challenging times.

During this season I’ve been thinking of the Trinity and how the communion of the Trinity compels us as believers to reflect and act in a manner that demonstrates God’s presence in three persons. The Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Spirit) is indeed a God of Justice that relates to human suffering and needs. The assurance that now Jesus Christ our advocate sits at the right hand of the father pleading on our behalf gives hope. We will remain hopeful in all situations.

The church is being justified in a wider community than nomal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has widened the scope of the church outreach ministries beyond the usual confines of church buildings. The church has had to navigate how to reach its members and local communities through social media.  Even in this we see the love of the Trinity. Bishop Johnson Gakumba from the Diocese of Northern Uganda says, “We have not only reached the church congregations but the messages shared have also benefited the Non-Church goers.” The church is being justified in a wider community than nomal.

The centrality of the gospel is very critical at such times. The Bible has spoken volumes and sounded huge reminders of God’s faithfulness to His people who are ready to reconcile with Him. This ever present love has given courage, and hope expressed through sharing of the resources available especially to the most vulnerable people in the communities. I am thankful we are justified through Christ and blessed with the love of the Trinity so that we can demonstrate our love expressed through our gifts with those in need. 

Photo by Rodrigo Rodriguez on Unsplash

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