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Justice Prayers - September 15, 2021

The church meets to imagine what our lives can be like if the gospel were true.  - Walter Brueggemann

Covid 4th Wave in Alberta 

The 4th wave of Covid-19 infections  is deeply impacting the level of care that public health institutions can provide across North America.  Areas with the lowest vaccination rates and least restrictions are the most affected.  In Alberta, ICU’s are at 155% capacity as of Tuesday, Sept 14 with  all non-life or death today surgeries being delayed and nurses being redeployed from other areas to ICU.  Health professionals are depleted and anti-vaccination protests are being held at hospitals.    So we pray:

Father, we pray for the nurses and doctors who have faithfully shown up to work.  We pray for the protection of their hearts, minds and bodies in this difficult time that could have been prevented.  We pray for their families and for your grace and peace to be in those hospital walls, providing solace.   We pray for those who are sick with Covid-19 in the hospitals. for grace, peace and healing.   And we pray for ourselves as citizens – we need you to change our hearts towards trust, wisdom and the lifting up of one another.  

Aquifers are emptying creating dustbowl conditions.

The Ogallala Aquifer which is the ground water source for 8 plains states from South Dakota Southwards, has dangerously depleted and will not be able to recharge itself due to climate change induced conditions. This area affected is where 1/3 of America’s cash crops are grown.    These conditions are being addressed by planting native grasses that hold the soil in place, changing farming practices.   We pray for farmers and agriculture in these sensitive, necessary places. 

Lord of every harvest, give those who work on and with the land wisdom.  Help changes to be implemented that protect the soil in times of drought when groundwater is not plentiful.  And create political will to support farmers in transitions to agricultural practices that keep the land so that it can provide for the people.  

Migrants and the UK 

A new policy in the UK of turning boats of migrants and refugees back towards France in the waters of the English Channel back has been implemented despite this practice being condemned as unsafe and illegal when practiced elsewhere in Europe.  This is a familiar story and one we continue to pray into:

Lord, we pray for safe harbor for all those fleeing and seeking peace and life for their families.   We pray for streamlined, efficient and humane policies to characterize a countries response to the influxes of people we are seeing.  And we ask that you would give inspiration for long term peace and solutions.

Metering Ruled Unlawful By Federal Judge

Metering is the process of only letting in a few asylum seekers at a time and having the rest wait for entry at the border.  Under United States law, any person who is physically present in the United States or who “arrives” at the border must be given an opportunity to seek asylum.  This has been denied in the recent past and the ruling is positive news for asylum seekers at the border whose lives are at risk.  

Loving God, For the families, children, men, women at our doorstep, aching with need for shelter, safety, a future, we cry out to you.  We pray that you will use this ruling to help your church in reaching out, welcoming, and loving the stranger well.  May we be motivated by love, and not by fear. May our leaders be filled with wisdom and a spirit of compassion. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

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