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Justice Prayers - Oct 13, 2021

God, revealed in brokenness, when I am disconnected, I need you more.  When life is too fragmented, hold me together; when I have no words, understand my silent cries; when heart and soul are broken, hold the pieces till they ft together again; when my mind is all over the place, be with me always and everywhere.  - Tom Gordon

Raised Limits for Refugees Coming to the US in 2022

In 2021, the US admitted  lowest number of refugees since 1980.   

The US president has doubled the refugee quota for the 2022 fiscal year to 125,000 but this does not necessarily affect the 50,000 Afghans fleeing the Taliban or the 15,000 Haitians camped under a bridge in Texas – neither of these groups are considered refugees.  

We do not give up in praying for the real individuals and situations that these numbers represent.  

Father, we pray that your people would keep leading the way, calling to our leaders for increased refugee limits while also advocating for policies and procedures that support these families.  We pray that this increase in numbers would indeed be tangible good news and that your love for your commitment creation would be lived out in the way we embody welcome to each and every individual needing refuge.    

Indigenous Protestors Rally to End Fossil Fuel Projects at the White House 

Indigenous people’s from around America gathered in Washington to call for an end to fossil fuel development.  There is an intersection of climate and Indigenous justice that we are being called to see and God’s covenant people and so we pray:

Father, we don’t always know how to pray into transitions.  This has never been your people’s strong point.  But as we increasingly are aware that Indigenous people’s rights and sovereignty and energy transitions need to happen and that they are connected and are a part of your shalom kingdom come, we pray that the Spirit would lead us in our prayers.  We pray you would open our ears to hear your voice, to walk in new ways that lead to life.  We pray for grace to mark the coming transition. 

Federal Court Decision in Canada 

The Federal Court in Canada dismissed an application for a judicial review of a landmark human rights tribunal compensation order for First Nations children — leaving the federal government on the hook for billions of dollars in compensation related to the child welfare system.

While making a National Day of Truth and Reconciliation a priority in name, the government had also been fighting to keep from paying compensation awarded to Indigenous children.  We continue to witness to this in prayer.

Jesus, we argue over money, we argue over power, we argue over the past, we argue over the future and the most vulnerable among us always pay the price. Thank you that the most vulnerable were held in esteem in this legal instance.   Jesus, we pray for those families most affected, that not only financial reparations be made, but that your Spirit would breathe life into systems and that healing in line with your vision for your creation would come.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

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