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Justice Prayers - November 25th, 2020

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. - Psalm 95:2

Uganda protests and violence – 45 killed

Ugandan police have killed 45 civilians in clashes over the imprisonment of a presidential opposition candidate.   Into this situation we pray:

Lord of heaven and earth, we pray for your peace to rule in this situation.  We pray for people of peace to rise up and to inspire more peace from the top down.  We pray for the eyes of those in power to be opened to ways of peace.  We pray for our brothers and sisters in Uganda who are afraid and tired, we pray you would strengthen them to be your good news even in their political spheres.  

Distributing vaccines to poorer countries

As vaccines are being readied for market, we know that the richest countries are getting in line first.   So we pray:

To the One who sees, 

We pray that there would be an equitable distribution of the vaccine especially for nations whose ability to buy vaccines have been severely limited by the effects of Covid measures.  We pray that the powerful leaders of large economies can meet this need to care for their neighbors.   Even when it doesn’t make economic sense, move in hearts to trust that this is the way of Jesus, the firstborn of all creation.  

Good news! - Klamath River Basin

Restoration of Klamath River Basin  to begin with removal of dams that disrupted the ecosystems

We praise you Father for the ways you have opened eyes to see the interconnection of life on your earth.  We pray that you would increase our capacity to serve and keep the creation you designed, the creation you curated with care and grace.  We pray that this restoration of this ecosystem would bring health and healing to the people and all living things dependent on that land.  

Good News! - Supporting Refugees

Fundraising and advocacy in Canada result in more refugee families being welcomed.  

This is Good News Father.  When we see the ways individuals meet individuals to bring life and hope, this is good news.  Thank you.  We pray for the families coming into Canada from this joint venture, that they would be welcomed, find livelihoods and community and places to belong.  

We pray that you would stir hearts of citizens and policy makers to listen closely to the stories of refugees and to be inspired to care body and soul for those who come to our borders asking for refuge.    

A General Prayer for Grace in this season of increased lockdowns:

Jesus, you are the image of the invisible God. And you are the image of grace. In our times of suspicion and pain, help us your people to weave grace into every space we enter.  Help us to fill in your kind of  grace where it has been stripped away.  Help us to restore the culture we live in with restorative ideas, radical welcome, listening postures and honoring questions.    We pray for your grace to mark your people – humble us by it, so we may live grace more truly in our culture in this season. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

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