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Justice Prayers - November 24, 2021

Therefore I would trust you to lead me well along the paths of any wild and perilous country.  You are my shepherd.  This day will hold no surprises for you.  Let me rest in that.  Amen.  - Every Moment Holy 

Floods and mudslides in BC

In the wake of the unprecedented destruction of infrastructure and livelihoods in BC, we pray:

King of Creation, we hear it groaning and it is frightening.  We pray for peace in mind, heart and relationship for those most affected by the floods and mudslides. We pray for those who lost loved ones and whole livelihoods, that you would be present and felt in their grief.  We pray for an awakening to the need for clear policy changes in resource management, climate disaster preparedness and supply chain issues.  Nothing is not connected in your creation – May we continue to be discipled into your ways, O Lord.  

Thanksgiving in the USA

Good Father,

Thank you for the provision of food, of work, of friendship, of family.  None of these things we take for granted.  All are precious and need to be stewarded with the kind of love that only you can fold into our own hearts.  

As we take time to enjoy these days, help each of us to reflect on our hard histories and pray into unknown futures, knowing that your goodness and mercy do not abandon us but call us into shalom for all.  

Surprise each of us with an experience of your beauty this holiday weekend.  

Rittenhouse Trial 

This week Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in regards to his 2020 shooting of protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who were protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake. This was a deeply painful verdict for our Black and Brown siblings in Christ.  This verdict also further revealed the rift in the experiences and interpretations of events of the different racial communities in Christ’s body.   As God’s children, we bring all of this to his throne.  

Lord, your word says that justice and righteousness are the very foundation of your throne.

We say we care about the righting of relationships, the truthful accounting of our actions, and your righteous justice.  This verdict has many asking if we actually do?  Or are we left with a legal choice to bring our own weapons of war to intimidate, defeat and take down our enemies?  Lord, have mercy.  Christ, have mercy.  

Do not leave us to our own devices, our instinct for war and enemies and death, but lead every one of us unflinchingly, to Your way of peace.  

Lord of peace, this story is painful.  A trust in justice, in accountability, and in laws that bring flourishing and life has not been fostered in the past and what little trust there is does not seem to be enough to hold us citizens together.  Search our hearts and if there are any places where we make excuses for injustice, show us the truth.  Help us to hear the voices you hear loud and clear.   Lord, open our ears to hear what you are saying to your church in this time that requires good and faithful action towards and on behalf of our neighbor.   

Canada Ends Pandemic Restrictions for Asylum Seekers

This week Canada ended its pandemic-era policy of turning back asylum seekers who try to cross between ports of entry.  Over 500 asylum seekers were turned back during the pandemic at these border crossings.  Refugee advocates say that asylum seekers should not have been lumped in with discretionary travel during the pandemic.

We pray for  those who are seeking sanctuary.  We pray for a receptive and healing welcome for them as we move out of the pandemic.  We pray for the protection of asylum seekers, from contracting Covid and from carrying it into jurisdictions.  Protect and make healthy the refugee system in Canada so that peace may be sown in families and communities that need it.    

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Advent Devotionals 

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