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Justice Prayers - November 22, 2023

Perspective is everything.  It changes what we see.  You can't see what you're not looking for, and the vantage point from which you see something can determine your perspective.  When it comes to our experience of God, the eyes of faith are capable of seeing an entirely different world than the same et of eyes looking at the same thing.  - Syd Hielema and Aaron Baart

UK supreme court says deporting refugees to Rwanda can’t happen but gov’t brings in emergency legislation 

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that deporting refugees from the UK to Rwanda is unlawful but the government has brought emergency legislation to ensure it happens. During the back and forth of political machinations, we pray for the real people seeking refuge:

While governments make their plans, people who are looking for hope and refuge keep traveling. We pray for all those who are making journeys across dangerous waters - protect them and lead them to a place where they can rest, work and flourish.  May fear not overtake those seeking refuge or those who are withholding it. We pray for host countries to have courage and trust that they are in the will of God when they welcome the stranger.

Prayers for our Muslim and Jewish neighbours

The Canadian man who ran down a Muslim family with his vehicle because of his admitted hatred of Muslims was found guilty of murder and attempted murder this week. While our earthly system of justice has meted out its verdict, we know there are still incidents of violence against Muslims in public. The Toronto man charged this week after multiple hate-motivated attacks on Muslims and the attacks on Jewish synagogues in Hamilton and Montreal are examples of a very sick world.

We pray for our cities and towns where groups of visible minorities, religious groups are being targeted for violence. We know this is not of you, Lord and we pray for our hearts to be softened with empathy and humanity as we stand in defense of our neighbours. Bring those whose hatred is being stoked even now to see a better way - your way of loving across lines. And may the fear many of our neighbours feel dissipate as your spirit moves in our cities. Protect their hearts and minds and may we, those who worship the crucified God who told us to love enemies, be sources of light and hope in our communities.

Prayer for the Most Vulnerable in Gaza

Gaza hospitals are bearing the brunt of Israel’s war against Hamas, becoming a front line populated with the most vulnerable. As infants are evacuated to Egypt and supplies run low, we hold, the sick, the infants, the orphaned, the widowed and those in deep mourning in prayer.

Lord, help your creation lose its taste for destruction. We have no more true prayer than this- we need your peace. For the most vulnerable babies we pray for health, protection, provision. We pray for life to find a way and point to the goodness of God in the midst of this horror. Be with the babies and their mothers Lord - in the name of Jesus who was a baby on the run from violence.

Prayer for Israeli’s still being held captive in Gaza

Israel's military said roughly 240 people had been taken hostage during the Hamas attack. Just four have been released; one has been rescued.

Jesus, set them free Lord.  From this horror, deliver them now.  Your name is said to be powerful so we say, in the name of the One who loved enemies, calmed violent storms and told his followers that violence was not the way, deliver all those taken captive and begin healing them, their families and their captors. In the name of Jesus. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

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