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Justice Prayers - November 18, 2020

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

Crisis in Ethiopia

At least 27,000 people in Ethiopia have fled into neighbouring Sudan so far, as the UN has said a "full-scale humanitarian crisis" is unfolding. Fighting broke out after Ethiopia's government accused the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), which controls Tigray, of treason and of occupying a military base. The government has instituted a telecommunications blackout, making it tough to verify information, but Amnesty International has reported widespread killings in Tigray. People have taken to Twitter to spread the news of their experiences.

God, for the people of Ethiopia we lift our fervent prayers. Open the way for them to escape this violence, open the arms of those whom they will meet when they get to a safe place. Open our hearts and our eyes to this crisis, and help us know how we might help.

Nicaragua hurricane

A powerful hurricane has brought torrential rains and strong winds to Nicaragua's Caribbean coast, two weeks after another devastating storm hit. Hurricane Iota made landfall as a category four storm near the town of Puerto Cabezas, where patients had to be evacuated from a makeshift hospital after its roof was ripped off. Residents are in shelters, and there are fears of food shortages.

God, we pray for the people of Central America who are so vulnerable because of this weather. We pray for protection of homes, of livelihoods, of natural areas, of people who are most vulnerable. We pray for leaders who will be challenged to respond well to the destruction that occurs. We pray for the plans that get made, all over the world, to respond to the devastating weather events that have become so common.

Former Foster Kids in Canada to Attend University for Free

A new program at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax aims to make it easier for people who have grown up in the foster care system to get a post-secondary education.  MSVU is waiving the cost of tuition and other fees for former youth in care. The pilot program, which begins in January for up to 10 students, is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, according to the university.

God, we pray for hope-filled new ideas. We pray for those who were raised in foster care, and for all the ways that they seek to heal from a childhood that was “not the way it’s supposed to be.” We thank you for foster parents, for child welfare workers, and for those who are committed to helping ensure a future of flourishing for those who face such challenges during childhood.

U.S. Immigration Officials Told Not To Communicate With Biden's Transition Team

An official at the agency that oversees US immigration and naturalization services told employees not to communicate with President-elect Joe Biden's transition team until a Trump appointee “deems the results ‘clear’” and recognizes the winner. USCIS has undergone a stark transformation under the Trump administration. The agency has shifted its focus from ways to more efficiently screen and provide immigration benefits to enacting policies to restrict immigrants at the border and elsewhere from gaining access to the US. These delays could hamper the new administration’s ability to swiftly manage important issues facing the country.

God, we pray for the United States and the many ways that division, dishonesty, and power are impacting people -- especially those vulnerable to policy changes and delays in systems. We pray for peace, for a way forward, and for healing.

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Violence Against Women and Girls in North America: How You Can Make a Difference

When we hear about violence against women and girls, we often think of the international context. Yet here in North America women and girls are also at risk, particularly those from vulnerable communities. This webinar will explore how gender-based violence impacts our communities in the U.S. and Canada and how you and your church can make a difference.  Register today!

Support Justice for Indigenous Women!

The Canadian government has promised to pursue legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. As we learn more about gender based violence during the 16 Days of Activism campaign urge your Member of Parliament to help protect Indigenous women by making implementation of U.N. Declaration a priority.  Take action now!




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