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Justice Prayers - November 10, 2021

 "Unexpected wonders happen, not on schedule, or when you expect or want them to happen, but if you keep hanging around, they do happen. -Wendell Berry

Miners work in inhumane conditions for the materials for electric cars

Mining for the elements needed for electric cars is problematic for how human rights abuses continue in these mining operations.  In Democratic Republic of Congo for example, stories about harsh working conditions for informal cobalt mines are common.  Where one injustice is addressed, another crops up, so we pray:

Jesus, we pray for those whose livelihoods are found in mining.  We pray for humane working conditions and that solutions to climate change do not create more injustice in our world. We pray for leadership and transparency to create sustainable and humane mining practices of these elements.  

Continued Conflict in Northern Ethiopia

Conflict between Ethiopian and Eritrean forces and Tigrayan continues to escalate and conditions for the people in the region continues to deteriorate.  This week Global Affairs Canada ordered the withdrawal of embassy staff and non-essential employees while last week the US State Department also ordered the departure of non-emergency personnel and issued a do-not-travel warning.  

We keep praying:

We pray for swift ends to conflict and for forces to stand down.  We pray for protection for the civilians, especially the most vulnerable.  May disruptions to food growth and distribution be minimized and the abuses of human rights and violations of international law would end.  May hostilities cease in the name of Jesus.  

Praise for Innovative Climate Action Ideas

British Colombia’s CleanBC program aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions through innovate programs such as using a portion of the carbon tax paid by emitters to contribute to projects that reduce greenhouse gases in areas such as mining, pulp and paper, cement, agriculture, and oil and gas as well as a program that reduces carbon tax costs if an industry can show they are among the lowest emitting in the world for their sector.  CleanBC won an award at COP26 for most creative climate solution from the Under2 Coalition, a global alliance of state and regional governments committed to climate action.  

We are grateful to you Lord, God of every square inch, for inspiring ideas and solutions to climate change.  Thank you for intersectional ideas that motivate change across sectors.  Thank you for opportunities to learn about and celebrate even the small things that work for a sustainable and honored creation.  

Remembrance Day Justice Prayer

As we mark Remembrance Day this Thursday, may we remember the sacrifices generations before us made for the common good of us all.  

Lord, help us to remember and name the sacrifice made during war to secure the freedoms we have.  Help us to honor their memory by living justly with these freedoms, working to be peacemakers in our communities, righting historic wrongs and participating with you in the reconciliation of all things under Jesus our Lord.  Let us not forget.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Advent Devotionals

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