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Justice Prayers - May 27, 2020

Welcome to the Throne Room, welcome to the place where He shows His face. Oh, worship in spirit and in truth.  Welcome to the Throne Room.  - CeCe Winans

Cyclones in Bangladesh and India

Bangladesh and India suffered widespread damage from a deadly category 5 cyclone in May. The cyclone prompted evacuations of over 4 million people. A half-million families may have lost their homes, though countless lives have been spared. The storm continues to impact the area, as it also battles the COVID-19 crisis, compounding relief and prevention efforts.

Lord of angel armies, mighty in power and mercy, be near those mourning the loss of life and the security of a place to call home. We praise you for the protection of millions who were able to flee the storm, relying on one another to find shelter.  We ask for your continued protection for those gathering up the pieces of life scattered by the storm.

Dam Failure in Michigan

Record rains in central Michigan led to catastrophic dam failures and significant flooding in communities of the Tri-Cities region. On May 20, NASA released images of the widespread damages as muddy waters continue to recede.  The flood waters caused evacuations of at least 7 townships and displaced 100s of residents as homes were destroyed.

Creator of the seas and earth and sky, thank you for the many ways Michiganders have set aside their fears and helped their neighbors. We especially think of those sheltering in evacuation centers; the elderly sleeping on cots, children missing their beds, and all who grieve the loss of their homes. Giver of peace; grant them calm after the storm.  

Indigenous Venezuelans

The UN Refugee Agency recently warned displaced Indigenous Venezuelans are now at significant risk as the Coronavirus spreads throughout the Amazon region.  As Brazil emerges as the epicenter of the pandemic, refugees are dangerously exposed as inadequate health, sanitation and living conditions are compounded.

El Shaddai, our home and refuge, we thank you for the indigenous communities of the Amazon. The culture and creative capacity of each unique community reflect your image as Creator and their resiliency, your presence of hope. We pray that you would go before them in their journey far from home, guiding and speaking to them. Lord, rest your hand on the leadership of all countries of the region and bring your healing to the conditions causing them to flee.   

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Hear Us Out (Canada - Federal)

Hear Us Out helps you send a personalized message to elected officials. By selecting a topic, you’ll be able to provide direct feedback on the COVID-19 response affecting people who are vulnerable in your community.  Contact your federal representative today.

Tell Congress No To Annexation

Israel is likely to proceed with a vote to annex as much as sixty percent of the West Bank as early as July 1. The U.S. cannot be responsible for the continued disenfranchisement of Palestinian rights and for the continuation of the conflict. Urge Congress to act swiftly and take concrete legislative action to make clear the U.S. government will not fund or otherwise support annexation.

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