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Justice Prayers - May 25, 2022

You alone have strength to carry this people.
Carry us now, O Lord.
You alone have wisdom and power to heal the wounds of a nation.
Heal us, O Lord.
You alone have compassion enough to enter our widespread grief, and turn it to hope.
Be merciful, O Christ!

- Grieving a National Tragedy (Every Moment Holy)

Texas Elementary School Shooting

Approximately 18 children and 1 teacher were murdered in Uvalde, Texas, when an 18 year old shot them at school. While thoughts and prayers are continuously offered, this is still the 27th school shooting in the US in 2022.  For these babies and their families, we pray.  For the one who chose to do this, we pray. For the soul and the future of a culture bound by gun violence, we pray:

Loving Father,

More of your fearfully and wonderfully made creatures were killed by weapons designed by men, inventions designed only for killing. Welcome them into your arms.  Hold their families in their unimaginable grief tonight.  For the children and teachers who survived, protect them as they heal.  Soften hearts of those with the power to choose actionable policies and gun laws that would help to prevent this, in Jesus’ name.  

One Year Anniversary of Discovery of Unmarked Graves  

It has been one year since the Canadian public gained widespread awareness of 215 unmarked graves near the former Kamloops Residential School due to the efforts of the Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc.  This led to many more unmarked graves being uncovered at many more former residential school sites. It was well-known to survivors and their families that some children did not make it home and the accounting for and recovery of unmarked remains make up Calls to Action 71-76 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. 

We pray for the continued accountability from government policies and agencies and for continued healing and restoration for survivors and families. Lord, continue to guide this active reconciliation journey and give us the continued desire for truth, humility and the will to see profound changes and reparations lead to a good future for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.  

Southern Baptist Convention Abuse Report

This past week, an independent investigation into the Southern Baptist Convention found its leaders grossly mishandled allegations of sexual abuse.  The members and staff of the Executive Committee of the SBC, the largest protestant denomination in the United States, was found to have acted solely for the purposes of avoiding liability, resulting in victim intimidation, accusing victims of taking away from the work of the church and allowing accused and known abusers to keep working. More than 700 known abusers were allowed to keep leading congregations while hundreds of victims were shamed and silenced.  

Lord, the anger is real. We pray you would hold our holy anger at the arrogance and wilful blindness that hurt these victims. We know this happens in all kinds of churches.  Keep bringing this sin into the light and show us where our theologies and our ideologies have kept too many from seeing your face in the faces of the victims.  May your grace abound to those who are healing from abusive churches and leaders. May your grace disrupt the idolatrous power of power that grips the church too often.

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Invest in Humane Welcome

Join us and our partners at Church World Service in urging Members of Congress to hold the Biden Administration accountable in ending Title 42 and reject any anti-asylum proposal that would keep Title 42 in place.

West Michigan Welcomes: Walking Alongside New Americans

Interested in walking alongside refugees but not sure where to start? This event is for you. You’ll hear the experience of someone who came to the U.S. as a refugee, learn what it’s like to walk alongside New Americans, and be equipped to take action in your community and on public policy. Register to join us May 25. Not in West Michigan? Register for the livestream.

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