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Justice Prayers - May 24, 2023

Art far from shore, and weary worn,
The sky o’ercast, the canvas torn?
Hark ye! a voice to thee is borne:
“Sail on! sail on! sail on!”

- Sail On!

Western States Reach Deal on Water Conservation

The Colorado River has been dangerously low and a usage deal was reached with there states that depend on it. California, Nevada and Arizona have committed to a 13% reduction in use over the next 3 years to conserve water for everyone. These decisions in a time climate change and extreme drought will be more common in the coming years. 

God, This earth is a good creation. Made to flourish and find balance, when we are at odds with the land, we are at odds with ourselves and with you. Thank you for this cooperation between states. We need continued wisdom to conserve and to protect the ecosystems you designed to work. May we partner with each other to do what is best for everyone in times where there is not enough water.

Prayer for Wildfire Season

As wildfire smoke from Alberta and BC drifts across huge areas of North America, we continue to pray as wildfire season has just begun. 

Lord, for the people most affected – the displaced and evacuated – we pray for peace and clarity for getting access to help. We pray for the infrastructure, housing and resources lost that communities would bond together in mutual aid and restoration. We pray for the firefighters who continue to battle grueling conditions. We pray for councils and agencies and elected representatives to work well together.  Be our peace, even in wildfire season Lord.

Illinois Attorney General report of Clergy Abuse

Abuse of almost 2000 victims of over 450 catholic clergy in Illinois were detailed in a new 700 page report release by the state’s top prosecutor.  This compared to the 100 abusers disclosed by the church prior to the investigation. Because we know this is not limited to the Catholic Church we pray for the victims of abuse of power and for a total overhaul to the systems that enable it everywhere.

God With Us, for the victims who to this day struggle with mental and physical health, we pray for their restoration and healing that comes when the truth is acknowledged and believed. We pray that the systems that allow for abuse to continue would be dismantled. And we pray in our circles close to home that we would not stand for abuse of power to go unchecked. Where fear of accountability is an obstruction to justice, may your Spirit be at work to bring light. It is not your way to let this happen in our churches for one minute longer.

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Advocate with Dreamers: Support Pathways to Citizenship!

A permanent legislative solution is needed to protect the lives, dreams, families, and futures of Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants, who are often exposed to vulnerable and dehumanizing conditions because of their status.  Using our editable email template, urge your Members of Congress to ensure a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS-holders, and essential workers.

Hearts Exchanged 

Do you want to grow in your reconciliation journey in a robust and appreciative way?  Hearts Exchanged is now recruiting participants from across Canada to be join other Reformed Christians in this learning and action journey.  Find out more and express your interest here.  

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