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Justice Prayers - May 11, 2022

Let us not ask of the Lord deceitful riches, nor the good things of this world, nor transitory honors; but let us ask for light. - Anonymous

Climate Crisis in Bangladesh

The climate crisis’ effects in Bangladesh are well documented and one area of impact is that children who previously were in school are having to leave as their families move from climate impacted areas to urban centres and are required to work.  

As we watch the damages of climate change effect the lives of children we pray:

Lord, you held open your arms to children and you pointed to them as examples of how to receive you. Yet they are the first to feel the ill-effects of decisions adults make in our world.  We pray for families that have to choose between a child’s education and future and making a living right now.  It is not right that decisions made in the developed western world are rippling out and shutting doors of opportunity for the world’s children. Guide all your children to advocate for a better way.

House of Commons Probe into links between resource extraction and MMIWG

3 years after the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls urged governments to act the House of Commons status of women committee opened a probe in April 2022 to explore the links between resource extraction worker camps and missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.  

Good Father, we pray this official probe and its findings will bring healing and concrete policy changes and requirements.  We pray for the connection between groups of wealthy, transient workers and sexual exploitation and violence against Indigenous women in those communities where resource extraction companies set up would be brought into the light and stopped in the name of Jesus. We pray for resource extraction companies to assess social impacts as well as environmental in their quest for profit.   

Inflation worries across North America

The cost of everything is rising – from gas to milk to meat to electricity.  Families are having to make hard decisions and prioritize bills. We pray into this reality:

Father, it feels so complex.  Most of us don’t know why the prices are what they are. But we know what is in our bank accounts and it is not enough. Jesus, help us as a society decide how to live within our means, how to share, how to generate wealth and get into the hands of the most vulnerable, and unable to work.  Jesus, help us as your body encourage one another to take care of each other and how to honour you and your creation with our monetary policies.  

Global Food and Nutrition Assistance

The Nutrition CEO Council asked Congress to provide $5 billion in supplemental funding for international humanitarian food and nutrition assistance and $5 billion for global COVID funding.  Rev. Eugene Cho of Bread for the World wrote in a statement: “The world is facing the worst global malnutrition crisis in decades. Rising inflation, unprecedented heat waves, drought, and the war in Ukraine and other conflicts have caused global food prices to reach the highest level ever recorded. As a result, 13 million additional people could become undernourished this year on top of the already 800 million undernourished people across the globe. Children will be especially impacted by this crisis – malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children under five globally.”  

Lord, you are the God of abundant storehouses. Move on our elected officials of the wealthiest countries to supply funds that will directly benefit the undernourished. You created a good world, providing us food and water and belonging.  We need your Spirit to help us live into your truth here. Where the underlying causes can be addressed by us your people, soften our hearts, change our habits and help us to see clearly with your eyes. 

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Hearts Exchanged

Hearts Exchanged is a learning and action journey designed to equip Reformed Christians to engage with Indigenous people as neighbours and fellow image bearers.  Would you like to participate in a cohort this fall?  Make sure you let the team know at 

Sustainable Investing Workshop

Christian investing is about empowering the businesses and endeavors that are good for people, culture, and the broader environment. So what should that look like in practice? We’re hosting a webinar on “Sustainable Investing: Your Money Matters” with Kurt Holzhueter of ClearView Investments. This webinar will be on May 26, 8-9 p.m. (EDT), and will consider the pathways available to churches, congregations, and individuals who are looking for ways to get started in sustainable investing. Register now to reserve your spot!

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