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Justice Prayers - March 4, 2020

Lent comes to us providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.  - Pope Francis 

Prayer for Decision-Making Wisdom

A rollback of a significant environmental law in the U.S. is being considered by the current administration. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires agencies to examine the full environmental impact of new projects, such as pipelines and highways, and the effects they could have on public safety. Under the proposed changes, agencies would be required to conduct less thorough analyses and affected communities would have reduced opportunities to be heard.

Lord of All,

Decisions are being made that will shape the land we depend on. 

So we pray for your wisdom to work its way into proposals, so that serving and keeping the land is held up.   

Help our decision makers to weigh the effects and the benefits with weighty reverence.   

Help our decision makers to hear the unlikeliest voices of your creation here, because we know that wherever Jesus went, he heard the unlikeliest voices.  

Prayer for when the Broken Places are Exposed

These last few weeks in Canada have revealed the deep unresolved questions about Indigenous and Settler realities.   Even with Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders and government representatives coming to an agreement, deep questions that do not lend themselves to soundbites or unnuanced social media posts have been revealed once again.   Out of these have come echoes of deep racism, deep insecurities, deep fears about livelihoods, economy and the future of community that we cannot legislate ourselves out of.  We need transformation from the inside out here. This is a prayer for how we, as Christ followers, might enter these questions, praying for humility.

God, who sees into the hearts of all creation,

In this season of deep tensions between neighbors, Indigenous and Settler, 

We lament it all.  This cannot possibly be how you want your children to live with one another.  


Work your truth into us so that honesty, transparency and integrity come out of us. 

Work your gentleness into us so that we can stay with the questions longer than we’d like.

Work your faithfulness into us so that we all can stand and covenant with our neighbors and the land even when it is hard and costly.

Work your kindness into us and let it root deeper than the anger, deeper than the fear.

Work your peace into us so that it becomes the breath out of us, your people.

Work the love of Christ into us so that we too can let go of power when it serves the love and restoration of a neighbor.  

Work the goodness and mercy of your justness into us, so that we might turn, look to you, look to each other and  wrongs be put to rights. God helping us.  

Human Trafficking Awareness

February 22 marked Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Ontario and Alberta (January 11 in the US) and this month also saw trials of 5 suspected human traffickers in Calgary and Quebec begin, ending a two year investigation.  While it seems more light is being shed on this issue, it is true that it is still the fastest growing crime in Canada.

As we are thankful that more awareness and work is being supported in both Canada and the US let us pray for the victims of this crime.   


Gracious Father, you made us all in your image,

Shine your light into the darkest places where that image has been desecrated.  

Help our lawmakers keep up with the changing nature of this injustice.  

Help our police forces utilize effective measures to disrupt and uproot the business of trafficking.

Help the victims find a path up and out of this life.

Help us as a people recreated by grace be a place where those escaping trafficking can find rest and help.  

May what was once desecrated, the image of God in each person involved,

be made whole again.   

Unrest in Turkey and Syria

Millions of refugees and migrants are on the move, heading from Turkey to Europe.   After violent escalation between Turkish and Syrian forces last week, Turkey says it can no longer abide by a 2016 aid-linked deal  with the EU to keep refugees within its borders and not allowing them to move into Europe. Citing that it can no longer keep up with the amount of refugees pouring into its borders, Turkey has allowed them to move.  100’s of thousands of people have made their way to the Greece/Turkey border with millions more expected in the coming weeks. There has been violence and detentions when the refugees get to the borders.  

Lord of all, who comes as the stranger among us,

While masses of people are moving, trying to find a better life for their families, God keep them safe.  Scatter the predators, protect the most vulnerable. God, where our imaginations are limited about what can be done, open them up.  Guide governments, police forces, relief agencies to work in concert and with compassion, standing up for what is right and just at every point.  

And comfort those walking for so long.  Speak into hearts – make it known that they are not alone.   Guide them to safety and peace tonight and every night until they have come to home.    

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

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