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Justice Prayers - March 3, 2021

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. - Psalm 119:105

Indigenous and Protected Land Sold on Facebook in the Amazon

Land in the Amazon basin that has been protected or reserved as Indigenous people’s use is being sold over social media with little oversight and enforcement of laws.   There are reports of land being clear cut or burned so that there is nothing to protect and can be argued as only usable as agricultural land.  For this land and the people affected we pray:

Creator, bring light into unseen situations that hinder your creation from being used appropriately or fairly.  We pray for willing spirits (Psalm 51)  to craft and enforce legislation so that generations of people can benefit from the land as you designed it.  We pray for those who this practice hinders and we ask for provision and ingenuity to be present to all involved so that prosperous livelihoods can be had without deceit.   

Clean Water for Canadian First Nations March Deadline Will be Missed

The Canadian government committed to end boil water advisories for First Nations but that deadline of March, 2021 will be missed due to pandemic disruptions.  We pray for this continued work and for continued resolve:

Jesus, the layers of complexity around this are portrayed to be endless.  And yet we are called to this work of loving our neighbor as ourselves.  So, by your Spirit, make ways where there seems to be no way, through jurisdictions and budget realities, legalities and diminished public attention so that every citizen has free, clean water to use and drink.  

For Violence and Damage Done During Protests

This year saw protests that raised levels of needed awareness about real violence against fellow citizens.  And at the same time, there have been incidents of property damage that have demoralized neighborhoods and the real people who live and work there.  With continued reports of these incidents this week. we humble ourselves and pray into these situations:

Lord, we know there are wrongs to be righted and we long to join your reconciling spirit for that work.  And we know that when the righteous anger becomes directed, not at powers and principalities, systems and policies, but towards the homes and businesses of fellow citizens we need your peace to be present.  Bring peace to neighborhoods and wisdom into all actions.   Let all who work for peace and justice be bearers of the fruit of Your spirit.  Transform us all into fearless truthtellers who are blessings on our neighborhoods, following in your footsteps, Lord Jesus.  

Asylum Seekers Hopefully Waiting 

Up to 60,000 Asylum seekers who have come from countries across Central America have been waiting in camps along the southern U.S. border as part of MPP (Migrant Protection Program, staying in Mexico as they await asylum hearings.   Small groups of asylum seekers have been processed recently but more are waiting and hopeful.   We bring all the issues surrounding this shift in policies that have real life consequences for thousands to our God in prayer:

Jesus,  we know you are with every traveler who leaves home to find a stable, safe place to live.  We continue to pray for policies that humanize and dignify all those on this journey.  We continue to pray for safety inside these camps.  We continue to pray for peace and health in homelands so they don’t have to leave the family and land they love if they don’t want to. But when they do, we pray that Your people rise up to be Your love to all who enter our countries with need.   Lord have mercy.

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Medical Assistance in Dying

The government has a short extension to finalize Bill C-7, which changes safeguards around Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). Amendments currently discussed raise concerns of coercion and may increase the likelihood of euthanasia without consent.  Let your MP know your thoughts on this legislation.

Urge Congress to Support Just and Humane Immigration Policies!

The United States has been in need of just and humane immigration reform for decades. Urge your members of Congress to support just, humane, and antiracist immigration policies TODAY.  Take action here.

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