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Justice Prayers - March 27

We bring our prayers to Creator God, who both "takes up our pain and bears our suffering" and will "let justice roll down like a river."


Cyclone Idai Kills Hundreds in Southern Africa

More than 750 people in southern Africa have died because of a huge storm, Cyclone Idai, and thousands have been displaced or lost their livelihoods. Concerns about disease are mounting, with many people lacking access to clean water and suitable shelter. The category 2 storm, with winds at nearly 110 mph, brought torrential rains and flooded villages as it moved from Mozambique toward Zimbabwe and Malawi. Flooding was already a problem in the region, and the storm has made it worse. Having lost homes and possessions, many families are sleeping on the ground with no protection from the elements. The majority of people affected are farmers, whose crops are damaged or completely destroyed, leaving them with few ways to earn the income necessary to begin the difficult journey of recovery, which may take months.

God, we especially pray for people in southern Africa who were already vulnerable before this storm hit. We pray also for those called to respond, and we think especially of World Renew’s disaster response team and of World Renew partners who have been working in the region. Bring healing, hope of new life, and comfort for all who are grieving lost loved ones and lost livelihoods.


Nigerian Conflict over Land, Water Rights

Violence in northern regions of Nigeria between Fulani herders (an ethnic group that is largely Muslim) and indigenous farmers (ethnic tribes that are mostly Christian) over land and water rights has been breaking out for years. The clashes have been aggravated recently by rapid population growth. Some media in North America are reporting that attacks have killed up to 120 Christians in the past two months. Other reports show that the violence has been mutual: 130 Fulani people were reportedly killed in early February by a group from a mostly Christian community.

God, we pray for an end to this ongoing, complex violence in Nigeria. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, some of whom are victims and some of whom may be perpetrators of violence. We pray for all who grieve in the wake of these attacks and for all who face uncertainty because of lack of access to land and water. We pray for pastors and imams, political leaders and aid workers, who face the challenges of offering solutions and help. And God, we pray for World Renew staff who are doing trauma healing with the widows of the slain as well. Bring peace, Jesus.


Copenhagen on Path to Be Carbon Neutral by 2025

By 2025, Copenhagen, Denmark, aims to be net carbon neutral, meaning it plans to generate more renewable energy than the fossil fuels it uses to operate as a city. The city has already cut its emissions by 42 percent from 2005 levels, mainly by moving away from fossil fuels to generate heat and electricity, and continues to take drastic steps to reduce their carbon footprint. With heavy investments in wind turbines -- which are visible along the strait that separates Denmark and Sweden -- Copenhagen is moving toward being a carbon-neutral city with the cooperation of nearly 43 percent of residents who commute year-round, even through the cold, rainy winter, to work or school via bicycle.

God, we give thanks for these efforts to make and sustain change. We pray for  decision-makers in Denmark and other parts of the world, that they might think not only of their own communities and nations but also the global community when considering ways to respond to the threats of climate change. We pray for more innovation, more creativity, more hopeful and viable ways forward. We pray for generations of flourishing, Lord.


Canada Commits Funding to Indigenous Communities in Budget

The Canadian government has committed to spending $4.5 billion over five years to address the needs of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities. “We know that building a better Canada must, by definition, include advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples,” said Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The budget will mainly focus on Jordan’s Principle (a program that seeks to ensure that Indigenous children living on reservations can access social services), protection and maintenance of water systems on reservations, and post-secondary education.

God, we pray that this money would be spent in ways that truly improve the health and flourishing of Indigenous communities in Canada. We pray for a day when there is true equity so that marginalization, systemic injustice, and the legacy of racism do not add barriers to the well-being of people created in your image. We pray that your church might hear your calling that all peoples are to be reconciled one to another.


Becoming (part of) the answer to our prayers:

Action Alert: Support Education Equity for Indigenous Children and Youth

Despite years of promises, there’s still a gap: today far fewer First Nations children graduate from grade 12 than other children in Canada because they aren’t receiving the proper funding and support needed for a quality education. Change is possible. We know that when Indigenous children have the funding and culturally appropriate education that they need, they thrive! Ask the Minister of Indigenous Services to fully fund Indigenous education.

Support World Renew’s Response to Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai has destroyed homes and devastated crops, infrastructure, and livelihoods throughout southern Africa. World Renew is responding to this crisis, and your support is urgently needed to help reach as many people as possible. 

Action Alert: Ask DHS to Rescind their ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

In January 2019 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began implementing the “Remain in Mexico” (or Migrant Protection Protocols) policy at the San Ysidro port of entry (POE) and at the El Paso/Juarez POE as of March 20. Under U.S. immigration law, it is legal for asylum seekers to remain in the U.S. while their cases are pending. Ask DHS to support asylum seekers!


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