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Justice Prayers - January 19, 2022

Jesus, where you are, fear turns into praises.  Where you are, no heart is left unchanged.  Where you are, darkness runs for cover.  Where you are, the orphan finds a home.  And here I am, humbled and bowing at your throne.  - Her True Worth

A Prayer in the aftermath of Texas Synagogue Hostage Taking

This week a British citizen took 4 people hostage at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas.  The incident resolved with the hostages escaping and the hostage taker being shot by law enforcement.  We pray for those involved in the aftermath and for all those who feel the effects of identity based terrorism.   

Lord of all, we pray for comfort and healing for those taken hostage,and for the families and communities that waited to hear of the outcome.  The violence of these events does not stop unfolding in lives when the news coverage ends.   We pray your presence to be palpable, giving assurance and healing to all involved.  Help members of our faith community know how to mourn with our neighbors and respond in healing ways during these times.  

Unhoused folks in the extreme cold 

Across the continent, extreme cold weather patterns greatly affect people unhoused populations in communities.  For those affected we pray:

Lord, protect the most vulnerable from the cold with access to safe shelter.  Help people passing by see the need and know who to call. Call to our minds those we should check in on.   On the most extreme nights, may no one be left in the cold.  And Father, help us address the root causes of houselessness in our society even while we take immediate action to save lives now.  

Praise for safe transitional homes being opened.

Restorations is an Ontario, Canada organization that provides support for those who have been sex trafficked and will be opening “Nancy’s House,” a long term transitional home for survivors to new residents this spring.  It is one of many organizations that do this work across the globe, so we will pray for this home and all homes like it with gratitude, praise and petition as they continue this work. 

Thank you, God of Restoration, for the promise and deliverance of healing, belonging and home through these efforts.   Thank you for gifting the skills, the money and the passion to all the people involved to make these homes a reality.  We pray for continued awareness of what is good for healing after trauma for those who would support them and for our culture at large.  And mostly we pray for the residents of this home, and all like it, that safety, peace, dignity and love would characterize the transition into the rest of their lives.   

Prayers for exhausted students of all ages – you are not forgotten even though these circumstances are not new.

For primary and secondary school students/teachers/parents:

Remember, Lord, all who are learning for the first time how to learn.  Supply energy and courage and resilience for all the changes.  Replace the feelings of helplessness by helping the kids AND educators be seen and heard.  Bring peace and provision for when parents have to again prioritize the needs of their kids with the needs of their employment.  For those families without community support, or with barriers such as language and accessibility needs, we pray they would be provided for.  Open eyes and hearts to see them and that those who can help would do so.  

For post-secondary students: 

Good Father, who sets the lonely in families (Ps 68), we pray for the loneliness that creeps in with every long week of online classes and social events being cancelled.  We pray for overwhelm and anxiety that comes from needing to manage the unexpected and inconsistent alongside the regular pressures of post-secondary education.  Enable students and those in the communities and churches around them to reach out towards one another.  Enable all who  need it ask for help.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

OSJ Offering Sunday

February 13, 2022 is is the Office of Social Justice Offering Sunday. Thank you for collecting an offering for our office!  It's not too late to order our insert for use in your service.  

Increase Global Vaccine Access!

Proverbs 28 tells us that those who give will lack nothing. It is in that spirit that we pray that no barriers will stand in the way of every person gaining access to immunizations. Join World Renew and the Office of Social Justice to call on Congress to promote U.S. action to increase vaccine access around the world.

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