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Justice Prayers - February 2, 2022

“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?"- Matthew 5:13 

Storm Ana in Malawi 

At least four people have died and dozens are missing after strong winds and heavy downpours wreaked havoc in Malawi and Mozambique as Tropical Storm Ana made landfall on Monday.

Provide peace and strength to our brothers and sisters in Malawi, Lord.  That the infrastructure connecting communities to resources would be fixed quickly, and that the communities would come together in support of one another.  We pray for the calm and clarity your Spirit brings in the aftermath of storms

COVID-19 Measures Protested in Ottawa 

As the Canada’s capital city is shut down by protestors, we offer our pleas and prayers to the God of peace. 

Lord, the weariness of the pandemic is so present. But we need your help to not grow weary in doing good. Especially working for the good of the most vulnerable among us.  

We pray that the lack of hope and vision for the future that is driving the energy behind these protests is met by a vision of your shalom and a hope in the resurrection power of Jesus to meet us and draw us into a life of self-giving love.  

We pray that those protesting in good faith who are worried about their freedoms know that their voices are heard by you and by those in power. And we pray that anyone bent on destruction or denigration of anyone in government or policy would be silenced.   

We pray for wisdom for our public health agencies.  Bring the best of science and wisdom and shalom together in these times.  

We pray for the peace of the streets of Ottawa so people can return to work and school and sleep. 

We pray for an end to this pandemic and for healing in the fabric of our communities, in your name, our only hope.  

Ukraine Crisis

As tensions rise at the Russia/Ukraine Border and rhetoric is shared in the public sphere, we pause and pray for a de-escalation from war and for safety for the people in the region. 

Lord, stay hands from war.  Stay hearts from contempt.  Meet any fear with love and any calculation of gain with compassion and eyes that are opened to see your image in the people across the line. 

Domestic violence shadow pandemic 

Rates of Domestic Violence has been called a shadow pandemic.  We pray for relationships and for the agencies and support systems that can help people leave violent places. 

Jesus, please meet every adult and child who have had violence in their home affect them.  Meet them with your tangible love and with people and programs that truly hold them and lead them to safety.  Heal hearts and relationships so that violence is not resorted to, by your mighty restoring Spirit.  

Becoming (part of) the Answer to our Own Prayers

Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice & Reconciliation

The Senior Leader for Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation will focus on supporting and deepening the CRC Canada’s gospel journey of reconciliation and right relationship. Read the full job description and apply today.  

Starting a Creation Care Team

Amidst the climate crisis, we need all hands on deck. Churches have a unique role to play in addressing the climate crisis, and starting a creation care team is one way to get your faith community involved. Start thinking about starting a creation care team with this fun getting started document. We've provided you with a 'recipe' for getting started.

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